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    Does Elton John Wear a Toupee? Lordhair Busts Rumors

    In Hollywood, rumors and truths go hand in hand. Elton John too has been at the receiving end of many rumors and many of them are about his hairfall and toupee love. Some suggest that the legendary singer wears a hair toupee. Others underline that multiple hair transplant procedures are at play. Some even claim that hair surgeries were not successful and gave undesired results. There’s simply too much talk on the street about Elton’s hair.

    That’s why Lordhair - a global supplier of men’s hairpieces - is here to unravel the hair mysteries of Elton John. Let's delve into the toupee and hair loss truth!
    But firstly let us give a quick introduction to this multi-award-winning composer.

    Who is Elton John?

    For a song lover, it would be easy to recognize who we are talking about. But if you are not aware, let us introduce you to the man behind some of Hollywood's most iconic songs.

    Born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947, he is an English singer, composer, and pianist who became famous during the 1970s while working in the Hollywood music industry. With some great hits such as Your Song, Rocket Man, and Bennie and the Jets, Elton John became one of the most popular singers in rock and popular music.

    Elton John has sold over 250 million albums and also achieved 9 number-one hits. He also received numerous accolades, including 5 Grammy awards and an Academy Award for his work on The Lion King's soundtrack.

    Elton John started his career by releasing the first album of his life called "Elton John," featuring the hit "Your Song." The 1970s saw a string of successful albums, including "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and "Honky Chateau," establishing him as a global superstar. His career was at his peak in the 1970s and he was blessed with great fame. The talk about hair loss commenced during this phase of this life.

    In 1977, some personal struggles and health issues made him look forward to retirement. He made a return back in the 1990s by achieving a UK number-one hit with "Sacrifice". His collaboration with Tim Rice on The Lion King's soundtrack in 1994 earned him an Academy Award. In the 2000s, Elton John continued to make music, collaborate with artists, and engage in philanthropy.

    elton john toupee
    Did Elton John Undergo Hair Transplant in the 1970’s?

    Before we delve into the question of whether Elton John wears hair toupee, let's address the hair transplant surgery from the late 1970s. Yes, Elton John did undergo a hair transplant in the 1970s. The singer himself admitted that he has gone through some hair transplant surgeries which did not prove to be a good decision for him.

    The decision to undergo a hair transplant was part of his efforts to enhance his appearance and deal with the impact of hair loss. During the 1970s, the field of hair transplantation was still relatively new, and the procedures were not as advanced or refined as they are today.

    Among the concerns he grappled with was the issue of his receding hairline, a common challenge for many individuals, particularly those in the public eye.

    In 2016, in a radio interview with Chris Evans, he said he had initially taken steps towards preventing baldness as he didn't like the shape of his head. Here’s exactly what he said:

    "I had hair transplants which didn't work - that was the early 'Louis Pasteur' version of a hair transplant.."

    Here’s the interview video if you wish to go through the same!

    Now that we have the hair surgery cat in the bag, let’s look at the toupee rumors surrounding Elton John.

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    Does Elton John Wear a Toupee?

    After his hair transplant went wrong, Elton John said he felt self-conscious about his hair loss and desperately didn’t want to be bald. The singer spent almost three decades battling hair loss.

    Elton John has been open about his hair restoration journey. He started wearing hats regularly to avoid photos with hair thinning and bald patches.

    Eventually, Elton John decided to wear a hair toupee. He shared that he gave up on other methods and opted for a hair toupee made by professionals who create wigs for Hollywood movies. He also expressed his satisfaction with customized hairpieces, acknowledging that while he is bald, he prefers not to be and is happy with the appearance it provides.

    Here’s a collection of toupees you can check out to get an idea how they look and feel.

    elton john toupee
    Is Toupee a Good Option for Age-Related Hair Damage?

    Yes, toupee is definitely a good option for anyone who is suffering from initial as well as advanced hair loss. This is because it’s 100% safe, results are instant, and you don’t have to undergo a complex treatment plan to get results. You can customize hairpieces according to your taste, style, and hair color preferences.

    Elton John has openly stated his contentment with wearing a hairpiece. When it comes to non surgical hair replacement solutions, Lordhair stands out as one of the leading online brands. Our diverse catalog boasts a top-notch collection of toupees meticulously crafted from superior base materials and genuine human hair strands. We guarantee not only durability but also unparalleled comfort and long-lasting wear.

    What sets Lordhair apart is our commitment to premium build and affordability. Our real hair units are budget-friendly, making hair recovery accessible to everyone. When it comes to regaining a natural and confident look, compromise is not an option — choose Lordhair for quality without compromise!

    Yes, Elton John Wears a Toupee

    And there we go!

    We have unveiled all the truths about Elton John wearing hair toupees for hair loss recovery. Through this blog, we aim to create awareness about hair pieces so that everyone struggling with baldness feels confident to consider them. In no way we aim any disrespect to the legend Elton John is.

    Opting for men’s wigs for sale, such as those provided by Lordhair, makes gaining that confidence easier than ever.

    Do you have any queries regarding our toupees? Contact us today and have them answered by our experts.