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    How The New Waves of Covid Are Shaking The Hair Wig Industry

    Despite the widespread vaccination rollout that is being advanced in most countries across the globe, the hair wig industry has seen an unexpected plight that has been taking a toll on many hairpiece suppliers in ways that were never foreseen. So why is that exactly? This article is going to clear up what might have been puzzling to those attentive to how the hair system industry comes to grips with the virus.


    covid variants


    As hopeful as it seems, the international community has come a long way in curbing the spread of Covid-19 with consistently effective social distancing measures in place, complemented by a steady progress in vaccination rollout. However, some countries such as India, from which top class human hair material is widely sourced for the production of hair wig products of all kinds, have been overwhelmed by an unprecedented wave of raging pandemic set in motion by the new variants of higher transmission rates. Human hair supplies consequently plunged upon the arrival of such catastrophe with a growing number of suppliers shutting down their businesses in response to the restrictive policies on a national level. That is mainly why the hair system industry has seen an unexpected surge in human hair material costs to the detriment of businesses within the industry.


    human hair material


    To pull out such hardships that have been chipping away at their financial status, many companies had to resort to all sorts of solutions to rise to the occasion, such as slashing the budget, cutting back on the production capacity, putting a cap on the development of their product line, shifting to less recognized suppliers, etc. While such measures remain understandable and sensible to a large extent in consideration of what a devastating role the new virus has been playing in working against the hair wig industry, Lordhair instead, does not want to break away from its principle of always sticking to providing its customers with the most exceptional products and services. That accounts for why we are not going to implement any of the above measures at the expense of the widely appreciated integrity and goodwill of Lordhair.

    On the other hand, the costs of such high class human hair materials we have been sourcing have surged fiercely to a point that something needs to be done for the sake of allowing our business operation to stick it out. So the prices of our custom hairpieces have been tentatively adjusted amid this dilemma to somewhat offset the increases in raw material costs while the stock hairpieces remain fully unaffected. We believe such adjustments will make great senses to you in view of how much emphasis Lordhair places on ensuring the consistency of superiority and strong practicability of your hair systems!


    human hair supplier


    We will always keep you updated on any further progresses and news in the hairpiece industry and try to find ways to bring our prices into better alignment with the interests of Lordhair customers without compromising on the things our customers give importance to! However, what never changes is that your recognition of our products and services will as always remain our top priority!


    Please feel free to reach our hair system specialists for assistance by emailing support@lordhair.com if you have any questions or feedbacks!