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    An End to Thin Hair

    Aging is inevitable and causes changes to the human body. Mostly but not usually aging results in hair loss and people get thinning and thinning hair. Sometimes thin hair is not caused by aging, it is an inborn thing, it is hereditary but nevertheless having full, bouncy dense hair is everyone’s wish. A long-lasting solution to thinning hair is offered to both men and women.


    For men there are stock and custom made hair systems that are specifically designed for men with different specifications towards their thin hair. These hair replacement systems are made to suite your own requirements and different base materials are used which give a naturalistic and undetectable look making people to actually think that the hair is growing right from your scalp.


    For example,

    Q6: which has French lace in the front and thin skin at the sides and back.



    ICON: which has single strand single knot hairs in the front.


    S22: which has the thinnest skin base and V-looped hair.



    For women, the integration system is used for those who want to make their hair fuller and dense. Most of these hair replacement systems have an integration base in the form of a net such that you can pull your own hair in-between the holes. Some have thin transparent skin. These women integration systems make the hair to be full and bouncy and they are super natural misleading people to think that it is your own natural hair. Different hair lengths and colors are available to suit to specific needs.  https://www.lordhair.com/womens-hair-replacement-systems/hair-integration.html. A variety of integration base materials and colours are shown form the link.


    An end to thinning hair has been officially offered by Lordhair.


       Email: support@lordhair.com

       WhatsApp: +86 17657165912


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