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    Our Mission


    Lordhair Company Mission

    Our Mission

    At Lordhair, we want every man and woman to walk with confidence, and we understand that hair can play a large role in that. Our wide array of natural, high-quality and customizable hair solutions promise a perfect, stylistic and physical fit, for a better you.

    In the early days, Lordhair was just a small-scale company with only a handful of employees. At first, our order quantity was not so large. At that time, many people held the view that wigs were luxury products beyond the budget of the general public. Lordhair, however, felt that wigs/toupees should be affordable to the average person. When we started to receive positive feedback from our customers, we took this as a source of motivation to keep making more progress and improvements; when we first started to see our hair products being worn by customers, we shared in their delight and took pride in how we were able to end years of unhappiness in their lives. We witnessed customers break into tears of joy, we realized that a hair system is not solely a hair system, it is something far greater than that. As long as our hair systems make our customers feel better, we believe all our dedication and hard work is worth it.


    Our Vision

    At Lordhair, we understand that hair thinning and loss can have a major effect on confidence levels and how you present yourself to the world. We’re here to help with that. When it comes to hair solutions, we want every one of our customers to find the best and most natural fit, which is why we continue to grow our diverse selection of natural and customizable hair systems - because we want you to feel like you again.


    Our Values

    We are currently striving to deliver the concept of “For A Better You” to our customers and clients. Our focus on customization, variety, quality, and customer service is a reflection of how we feel about each and every one of our customers. They are as unique as the pieces we create for them and we are grateful to be part of their transformation. We have created a rich and unique brand image. For our customers, we care about your feelings and we support you in your journey with us. For our business partners, we want to achieve better cooperation and create opportunities to help you grow. For our employees, we provide a good working environment to enhance their sense of belonging.

    Furthermore, Lordhair has also incorporated these ideas into our daily operations. For example, we have carefully designed our website to include thoughtful and informative blogs, photos and videos to enrich the content and user experience. The continuous improvement of product quality and delivery time also shows our desire to meet the high industrial standard. Even the way our office spaces are laid out is a reflection of our corporate values.