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    Meet the Lordhair Team



    Customer service

    Our customer service team are polite, understanding well-trained professionals with the product knowledge to help you have a smooth and seamless shopping experience. They are responsible for pre-sale consultations and communication as well as being responsible for after-sale services and usage and maintenance explanations for our hair systems.

    Order translation

    Our colleagues in this team use our ERP system to translate our orders into relevant technical jargon for our factory workers to understand.


    Our production team department is our soul. Our production colleagues are all real professionals in this field and can meet almost all the customers’ different needs for their hair systems. We carry out 5S management in our factory in order to keep improving our efficiency as well as craftsmanship and quality.

    Quality control:

    After the production is completed, the products will be sent to our QC department to check if they meet the quality standards. We have very strict quality standards and inspect 100% of our products. Any product that doesn’t meet the quality standards will be returned to the Production team to get fixed or remade.

    Base & hair cut:

    Since many customers choose our base cutting or haircutting service so they can wear their hair systems immediately upon receiving them, their hair systems will be passed to our professional stylists to do the haircuts or base cuts according to the customers’ personal requirements. We keep up with the latest trends of haircuts for men and provide trendy haircuts for our customers.


    Once all the above steps have been completed, our logistics team will package the products in our elegantly-designed boxes. The parcels are then sent out via different world-renowned couriers, like Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS, etc.


    We stock some popular hair systems in our warehouse for those who would like to receive a hair system in a week after placing an order. We also stock some tapes and some other accessories to provide one-stop shopping for our customers.


    Marketing is a critical element that almost all companies place emphasis on. To build a strong brand, you need a unique marketing team to create strong and powerful ideas. Luckily, Lordhair’s marketing team does just that. We are a true representation of diversity; there is a seasoned marketing director who has been involved in this industry for a long time and has a very solid professional knowledge base and returnee from overseas who absorbed Western ideas and is capable of putting herself in their place. There are also hard-working IT professionals who help us deal with technical issues, not to mention the designers who dedicate themselves to creating a better online shopping experience for our customers.