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    Our Production


    Lordhair Hair System & Wig Production

    Our Production

    In order to reassure our customers and offer complete transparency over each stage of their custom orders, Lordhair created our Order Status Management (OSM) system. After customers place an order online, they will be assigned an OSM account with which to track the production process. Each step will be recorded in the system and for every completed step; they will receive an automated email. Once production is finished and the order is ready for shipment, we will send out a tracking number for them to refer to. We want to be true to our customers and we aim to make buying from us as easy as possible.


    Furthermore, our production process is very transparent:
    Step 1: Plaster mold creation
    Step 2: Base design
    Step 3: Base creation
    Step 5: Color matching
    Step 6: Sorting, washing, treatment and pulling of the hair
    Step 7: Ventilation



    There are other stages that will need to be taken depending on the exact nature of the hair system. If hair is knotted to a skin base, for example, then a layer of poly will be brushed on the underside and left to dry. Or for people who do not want straight hair, the hair will have to be curled.


    By watching the videos and reading the articles we post on our website you can get a better feel for our products and improve your knowledge about them. You can rest assured that we will continue to stay true to our beliefs and will constantly seek to improve the quality of our products in the future.