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    5 Women’s Hairpieces for Top of the Head: 2022 Catalog

    When it comes to covering female hair loss at the top portion of the head, women’s hairpieces from Lordhair are considered the best. Similar to wigs but smaller in size, they are designed by tying high-quality strands on a premium base to provide high breathability, comfort, natural movement, and realistic appeal.

    Since we have a huge collection of women’s hairpieces for the top of the head, it makes sense to point out the best ones for you!

    In this blog, Lordhair - the global supplier of wigs for women - will talk about the 5 top-of-the-head hairpieces (also known as wigs and toppers by some women) that are helping women conceal hair loss with ease and are worth buying in 2022. If a lightweight and comfortable topper is your priority, then listen up!

    Since some of you might be in a hurry to learn about the best women’s hairpieces for the top of the head, here’s an FAQ version of the blog.

    Q: Which are the best women’s hairpieces for the top of the head?

    Lordhair has a huge catalog of partial women's hairpieces for the top of the head. Here are some of the best ones:

    Serenity human hairpiece

    • Floret human hairpiece
    • Jessica human hairpiece
    • Fiona human hairpiece
    • Daisy human hairpiece


    Q: Can women’s hairpieces for the top of the head help overcome hair loss?

    Yes, human hairpieces can help women overcome hair loss at the top of their heads. Unlike medications and therapies, they are affordable and don’t have any side effects.

    Q: What kind of hair loss can be undone using hairpieces for the top of the head?

    Lordhair’s women hairpieces are a great solution for girls who are facing:

    • Extreme hair thinning
    • Partial hair loss
    • Patchy hair loss at top of the head

    Now that we are done TL;DR version, let’s look at women’s human hairpieces for the top of the head in detail:

    Which are the best women’s hairpieces for the top of the head?

    Here are some best women’s human hairpieces for the top of head available in our catalog:

    #1 Serenity: Hairpiece for the Top of the Head

    The Serenity hair wig has garnered interest from women around the world in a very short amount of time. Best known for concealing hair loss on top of the head, it has the most practical and innovative base design. The base of the Serenity hairpiece is constructed using a silk top and diamond lace.

    The silk top used in this women’s hairpiece for the top of the head comprises 2 layers of silk mono that lets ladies achieve optimal realism throughout. 100% human Remy hair is tightly knotted onto the first layer. It passes through the second silk mono layer to provide a knotless look with strands coming out of the scalp.

    Diamond lace adhered to the silk top, on the other hand, makes the Serenity wig highly comfortable, breathable, and soft. We have also included 4 clips to make attachment and removal an easy task. The Serenity hairpiece for the top of the head comes in different base sizes, hair lengths, and densities.

    women’s hair pieces for top of head

    #2 Floret: Human Hairpiece for Women

    Unlike the Serenity wig, the Floret hairpiece for the top of women’s heads has a polyurethane (PU) - thin and skin-like material that matches well with scalp skin tone and blends in perfectly. We have also included ¼” ribbons on the back and sides so that the hairpiece feels extremely soft and comfortable without compromising its remarkable durability.

    Thanks to the clips, it is very easy and convenient to attach and remove the Floret hairpiece from the top of the head. Regarding the hair, Lordhair has used Mongolian Remy human hair that feels premium and looks supernatural. With medium-heavy hair density, this hairpiece brings 14 inches of straight hair (you can curl or style it anyway though).

    The stock model of Floret has a price tag of US$309.

    Check out how Kelly felt after wearing a premium human hairpiece from Lordhair!


    #3 Jessica: Hairpiece for Crown Thinning

    Women planning to buy a human hairpiece that not only hides partial hair loss or thinning hair on top of the head but also keeps them ahead in the styling game should definitely consider the Jessica hair wig. A soft-to-touch, easy to apply, and breathable human hair wig, it has a 7” x 9” base made with Swiss lace and PU thin skin on the sides and back.

    Since the Swiss lace is virtually invisible, it provides a perfectly natural hairline. It emulates a real hairline whilst adding luscious volume to the very top of your crown. The PU thin skin on the sides and back gives women an appearance of hair directly growing out from the scalp.

    Easy to attach and remove, the Jessica women’s hairpiece for the top of the head has Indian Remy human hair which looks natural and is very soft. Hair strands are straight and can be styled using tools, just as real hair can be. The hair has a density of 130% to 140%, which makes this hairpiece perfect for fashionable women.

    The stock unit of Jessica can be bought for US$489