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    Why Hair Loss is So Hard to Fix? Lordhair Answers

    Hair loss can be very stressful for most people. It’s also very common nowadays, especially for men in their 20s and 30s. While a wide array of hair recovery treatments claim to halt or reverse hair loss, most of these are only capable of managing hair loss rather than being a permanent solution. That’s why it won’t be wrong to say that hair loss is hard to fix. But why exactly is that?

    Lordhair, a global hair piece toupee supplier, has been helping men and women with hair loss for almost two decades and can answer why hair loss is so hard to fix. Read on and discover the possible reasons why hair loss and thinning are so hard to treat.


    why hair loss is so hard to fix


    Why Hair Loss Is So Hard to Fix


    Based on identical twin studies, researchers claim that almost 80% of baldness existing in this world is determined by genes. This basically means that if your parents (and their parents and so on) experienced baldness or hair thinning, then, you are also likely to experience the same sooner or later. And because genetics is the biggest cause behind hair loss, it’s pretty very hard to fix it. Let’s look at it another way.


    Your height is majorly determined by how tall your parents (or grandparents) are. While diet and physical activity play a role, you will almost certainly never be 6-foot-plus if your parents and grandparents are around five and a half feet. The lifespan of hair can also be looked at in the same way. If your elders went bald in their thirties and you are carrying the same genes, you will most probably follow the same route.


    Presently, we can’t change the structure of our genes to eliminate the one that’s causing hair loss. We have made good progress with genome editing but there’s still time before we will be able to fix hair loss through it. Plus, it will obviously be very expensive and will take a long time to go mainstream.

    How Does Hair Loss Happen?

    The biological mechanism behind the male pattern baldness isn't too complex. In fact, it’s determined by two factors: your genetics and the effect of the androgen hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

    For those who don’t know, DHT is a hormone that is produced by our body as a testosterone byproduct. When DHT targets the hair follicles, it begins a process called miniaturization, in which the hair gradually stops producing new healthy hair.

    Miniaturization hits the hair follicles near your hairline first, resulting in a receding hairline that many individuals develop in their 20s or 30s. Eventually, as we grow older, the miniaturization process begins to affect the different areas of the scalp and leads to pattern baldness.

    Although DHT is majorly responsible for male pattern baldness, there are other causes of hair loss and damage. Stress is one such factor that may trigger a temporary form of hair loss called alopecia areata. Here are some other reasons behind hair loss and damage:


    • Medical conditions
    • Medications and supplements
    • Radiation therapy
    • Some hairstyles and treatments


    If your hair loss is aggressive and there are visible bald spots on your head, we recommend browsing toupee hair replacement systems at the best discounts.


    why hair loss is so hard to fix


    Here's Why Hair loss Is So Hard to Treat!


    While every case of hair loss in this world isn’t hereditary in nature, most of them are and that’s why hair loss is so hard to fix.

    Hair is a sensitive part of our body and can also be affected by medical conditions, hormonal changes, and dietary imbalances. The amount of hair loss and damage can also vary from person to person. In case of extreme thinning and damage, recovery is almost impossible with topical solutions, lifestyle changes, and off-the-counter drugs.

    For men or women in an advanced stage of hair loss, we suggest using hairpieces for thinning hair. They will provide you with a head full of hair almost instantly and that too at an affordable price.

    Our wigs for men and wigs for women are lightweight, comfortable, and natural-looking. Our real hair wigs also come at an affordable price so that everyone can benefit from them. Got queries? Get in touch with Lordhair to consult our experts.




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