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    Buying a Thin Skin Base Hair System in 2023: Pro Tips and Best Products


    Thin skin hair systems are gaining popularity among men worldwide for a variety of reasons. For those who aren't familiar with this product, thin base hairpieces bring human hair strands on a thin blend of polyurethane (PU) material, allowing them to mimic the appearance of skin and deliver a natural look. Durable and comfortable in nature, thin skin hair systems are easy to remove and secure on the head. 

    However, men who are new to the world of hair systems don’t know how to buy one for themselves. If you are one of them, keep reading! 

    In this blog, Lordhair, a leading hair toupee supplier, will share useful tips and ideas to consider while getting a thin skin base hair system in 2023. We will also share the best thin-skin hair units from our catalog in the end! 


    What Are Some Useful Tips to Buy a Thin Skin Hair System?

    Here are some tips and ideas to consider while buying a thin skin base hair system for men in 2023: 


    #1 Know your budget 

    The price of a thin skin hair system can vary depending on the type of hair, base thickness, size, density, supplier, and many other factors. Generally, it starts from US$300 but could go up to US$1,000 depending on the type of customization requested. That’s why the first thing one needs to do is to set a budget. Once you are 100% sure about the budget, you’ll be able to narrow down the selection. 


    #2 Choose the right hair type

    Selecting the right hair type is critical when it comes to picking the best thin skin hair system. Buyers should ask themselves what kind of hair they want - synthetic or human hair. Human strands are more natural-looking and long-lasting. They have life-like movement and can be styled just like one’s own scalp hair. Thin-base men’s hairpieces with synthetic hair usually don’t work for men struggling with hair loss or thinning. 


    thin skin hair system


    #3 Take head measurements 

    This is one of the most important tips to consider while choosing a thin skin hair system. Imagine waiting for days and receiving a hair unit that doesn’t match your head size. You’ll feel upset, right? Therefore, before ordering a hair system, get a clear idea of what size is needed. 

    Use a measuring tape to check the circumference of the head. Start from the front of the hairline and then wrap it behind the ear to the nape of the neck. Continue wrapping it around the head (behind the other ear) until it meets the starting point at the front of the hairline again. 

    This measurement will indicate what base size is required. Watch this video for more clarity!



    #4 Consider density and length 

    Another important consideration for men who are buying a thin skin hair system for the first time. Make sure the density of the hair unit that you are planning to buy matches the scalp hair. That way, the skin hair system will look natural and blend seamlessly with existing hair. 

    Men should also consider their age, face shape, personal style, and hair loss level (on the Norwood scale) when choosing the density for the thin skin hair system. Hair length for the unit can be also selected while considering the aforementioned factors. 

    However, Lordhair believes that the thumb rule to get a natural look is to pick a length similar to your actual strands. 


    Discover a collection of the best hair replacement systems for men and women


    #5 Choose the right hair color

    Selecting the right hair color is also necessary for your thin skin hair system. Compare color swatches of the hair unit with the scalp hair. Make sure that you do that in sunlight. Also, consider your skin tone and personal style when picking the hair color. Struggling to decide on the right hair color? Consult with our hair system experts for advice by sending an email to support@lordhair.com.  


    Which Are the Best Thin Skin Hair Systems for Men in 2023?  

    The following are some of the best thin-skin hair systems for men to buy in 2023: 


    #1 SuperSkin-V: Thin skin hair system

    SuperSkin-V has been helping men fight hair loss and thinning for many years now. Known for its premium build, it has real human hair (the gray one is synthetic though) that looks hyper-realistic and has life-like movement. Available in more than 25 hair colors, it has a graduated front hairline and a natural top view. 

    With a standard front contour, the SuperSkin-V hair system has a transparent thin skin base with V-looped hair and thickness between 0.06mm and 0.08mm. 


    skin hair system


    #2 UTS: Ultra-thin skin hair system

    Just like SuperSkin-V, the UTS hair system also has V-looped human hair all over the base. What makes it different is its thickness. It has a 0.03mm transparent ultra-thin skin base which is lightweight and focuses on comfort, making it a perfect hair recovery solution for men with sensitive scalps. It is our most realistic hair system thanks to the thinness of its base. The UTS hair system has a standard front contour and hair length of 5-6 inches with a medium-light density. 


    #3 SuperSkin: Thin skin base hair system

    SuperSkin has its share of uniqueness even though it seems similar to the first thin skin hair system on our list! Rather than transparent skin, it’s designed using a 0.08mm translucent super thin skin. We have also used V-looped hair in the front hairline to create a natural look. The rest of the base has single split knots to form a natural top view and make the hair system super durable. 

    The 30mm slight wave and ability to style hair in a desirable direction make the SuperSkin hair system a perfect choice for men to buy in 2023.


    skin base hair system


     #4 SuperSkin-F: Frontal hair system 

    As the name suggests, the SuperSkin-F thin skin hair system is a unit made for men with receding front hairlines. It has a transparent super thin skin base (0.06 - 0.08mm) that is available in distinct sizes (6” x 0.75” to 6” x 2”) to adjust to the uneven degrees of men’s frontal recession. SuperSkin-F has 6” 100% human hair V-looped all over the base. 

    The stock unit of the SuperSkin-F frontal hair system has a price tag of US$125. 


    Check out our complete collection of men’s hair systems 


    #5 Vigor: Fine mono and thin skin hair system 

    Vigor has gained popularity among men suffering from hair loss for all the right reasons. It has a fine mono base with a super-thin skin perimeter which makes it lightweight and soft but crucially for some, longer-lasting. With a standard front contour, it also has a French lace front with an undetectable transitional hairline. Achieving a natural look is no problem with the Vigor hair system, thanks to the premium human hair used while designing it. 

    Breathable, durable, and comfortable, we have also used bleached knots on the lace front to provide an appearance of hair coming out of the scalp. 


    skin base hair system


    Shop Thin Base Hair Systems 

    Above are the best thin-skin hair systems for men to buy in 2023. While being comfortable, durable, and providing a close-to-reality look, these hair systems are also helping men deal with temporary hair loss as well as permanent damage. 

    If these skin hair units don’t match your needs, we highly recommend browsing our entire catalog of hair systems and toupees for men. Also, make sure to keep the aforementioned tips and ideas in mind before placing an order. We are certain that you will find the best thin skin hair replacement system that fits your requirements. 

    Contact us with any of your queries. Our hair system experts will be more than happy to answer them for you! 



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