How to Choose your Toupee Hair Color


The importance of hair color

When searching for a toupee for men, the likelihood is your number one criteria is that it is a natural-looking toupee. We all want our hair replacement systems to look as natural as possible. Factors that help create the perfect natural look include hair density, texture, and your system’s hair pattern. However, we should never underestimate the importance of hair color because it is the most noticeable feature of our hair.

Today we will talk about how to choose a men's toupee color, hair system color charts, and dying a hair system. If you want to get the right color for your toupee, we highly recommend this blog!


How to Choose a Toupee Color

If you are new to hair replacement systems, it is easy to think that darker shades are the best option because you may think it makes you look younger but this can actually make for an obvious toupee appearance.



The best color solution is to choose the color closest to your own; it will blend perfectly with your own hair, looking seamless and natural.


How can I find the best hair system color close to my natural hair color?

The best way to achieve the look you want is to send us a hair sample. We use it to create a color unique to you. For best results, we recommend taking samples of 100-200 strands which are about 2-3" in length. The more hair you can provide, the easier it will be for us to analyze the color. You can get instructions on how to take the sample on the Lordhair custom hair system hair color page.


Color Rings

You may prefer not to send us hair samples. In this case, the best option is to use one of our color rings with 40 shades to match your hair. This way you are also able to match the color yourself, see the color before you receive it to ensure you love it before buying and see the color under different lighting conditions. You can also get a feel for the hair before you buy as well.


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Hair System Color Chart

The other alternative is to use our online color charts, however, you need to bear in mind that colors are not perfectly portrayed on our computer or phone screens. This is the easiest way to get your color wrong. If you go with this option, we suggest you look at our array of customer testimonials to see which color they went for and inspect your piece before taping or gluing it in case you wish to return it. All hair systems can be returned within 30 days if you have not worn or stuck anything onto the system.


Send Us Your Hair

You can also send us a small sample of your hair and we can match the color for you. You can check out how to take a hair sample and send it to us in our hair toupee hair sample color matching guide.



Using these methods will help ensure you get the right color and the most out of your hair system. At Lordhair, we will have you looking great and feeling confident in no time at all.




Dying a hair system?

What if you still can't find the exact color you want, or you want to dye the toupee to your own color or dye your toupee and bio hair together? Carry on reading if you want to change your toupee color.

It's important to note, dying hair, whether the hair growing out of your hair or a men's wig, will cause damage to the hair. This may also slightly shorten hair system life. Of course, you can always purchase a new hair system once it achieves its end of life. It's important to factor this is should you decide to color your hair.

Retailers of hair systems do not offer free returns of hair systems that have been dyed so you may also want to initially take your hair system to a salon to be bleached. We recommend you try it first on a hair system that you are about to throw out so you get the hang of it also, as you want to avoid any damage to your new hair system.

Here are some reasons you might not find the toupee color you want:

  1. I want darker roots and lighter ends
  2. I want to dye my bio hair and want my toupee hairpiece to match it
  3. The toupee color I want is not on the hair system color chart

If you can't find the perfect toupee color from our website, what can you do? Have no fear, there are a few options:

  1. Have it dyed by us when you create a custom order 
  2. Buy a 100% human hair wig (i.e. do not add any gray), and dying it at home


Check out the tutorial here for how to bleach your hair system



We hope this blog post helps in choosing your men's toupee color.


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