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    How to Repair Damaged Hair Fast: Home Remedies Included


    Hair with visible breakage, split ends, dryness, thinning, or bald patches is the reality of millions across the globe. While hair damage deserves immediate attention, a lot of us don’t exactly know how to repair damaged hair without splurging on expensive hair products and salon treatments.  

    If you want to prevent ongoing hair damage or repair already loused-up hair fast at home, then you have come to the right place! In this blog, Lordhair will share tips on how to repair damaged hair. We will also share home remedies that will help you treat damaged strands. 

    Since some of you might be in a hurry to learn how to repair damaged hair loss fast at home, here’s a FAQ version of the blog! 


    How to repair damaged hair fast at home? 

    Repair damaged hair with the help of the following tips: 


    • Skip heat styling as much as possible

    • Don’t rub your wet hair vigorously 

    • Apply hair serum 

    • Get your hair trimmed frequently to prevent split ends
    • Moisturize your hair to keep them hydrated


    Which ingredients can help me repair damaged hair fast at home?

    The following are the best natural ingredients to repair your hair at home: 


    • Coconut oil

    • Aloe vera

    • Eggs 

    • Apple cider vinegar

    • Lemon 


    Can we repair damaged hair at home?

    Yes, it’s completely possible to repair damaged hair at home!

    Now that we are done with the TL;DR version, let’s talk about tips to repair damaged hair strands. 


    How to Repair Damaged Hair at Home

    According to trichologists, hair damage is wear and tear caused to the outer layer of the cuticle which on getting exposed makes the hair shaft prone to more damage. Here are some recommendations to minimize or stop hair damage: 


    Skip heat styling 

    Love using styling tools every day for making a fashion statement? Well, you shouldn't. The heat emitted from styling tools like straighteners, curling rods, and blow dryers can become the reason behind damaged hair by opening up your cuticles and making them porous. Try skipping heat styling as much as possible. Go for air-dry formulas that can form and hold your hair without heat. 


    how to repair hair damage


    Handle wet hair carefully 

    One of the most useful tips to reduce hair damage. Many of us aren’t aware that hair is wide open to damage when wet. Always handle your wet hair with care. Don’t pull a brush through your wet hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your wet hair if you have to quickly head out after a hair wash. 

    Also, skip rubbing your hair vigorously. Gently pat dry with a towel instead. This will help you avoid friction that can place undue stress on your vulnerable hair. 


    Apply hair serum

    Can’t stop using hair styling tools? We don’t blame you. How about using a hair serum? It can protect your hair from heat styling and also help you get rid of frizzy hair. Apply serum on your hair and its ends to get the maximum benefit from it. Don’t use it too much as it can make your strands slimy. 


    Trim split ends 

    Leading hair experts recommend frequent trims to check split ends. Why? Well, if you don’t, they can get out of control, work their way up and damage the rest of the hair as well. Split ends can cause breakage and make the hair frizzy. Get your hair trimmed after 6-8 weeks to remove or prevent split ends and repair your damaged hair.  


    Keep them moisturized 

    Do you know that dry hair is the biggest cause of hair damage and breakage? When your hair doesn’t get the appropriate amount of moisture, it becomes brittle and fragile (just like dry skin). Men and women who have dry hair should tap into a moisturizing regimen. Use hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks. Prevent your strands from becoming dehydrated. 


    repairing hair damage


    Try home remedies 

    Another amazing way to repair your damaged hair at home! While billions of dollars are spent in salons to treat damaged hair, home remedies are still considered one of the best ways to fix damage caused by lifestyle, pollution, and other elements. Used in the days of old and handed over from generation to generation, home remedies are the cheapest ways to treat damaged hair. 

    Hair growth tips for men to get healthy hair. 

    There you go! 

    We shared our best tips to repair damaged hair at home. Hope you will … wait...

    Aren’t we forgetting something? 

    Oh, we forgot to list out home remedies for preventing hair loss, promoting hair growth, and gaining natural hair thickness. Our sincere apologies! 


    How to Repair Damaged Hair Fast at Home

    The following are the best home remedies to grow back your hair and make it thick, smooth, and shiny: 


    Massage with coconut oil

    From cooking to skin nourishment, coconut oil is used by people across the globe for a vast range of reasons. It is considered the best home remedy for treating damaged hair as well. The unique combination of fatty acids present in this remedy improves hair health and conditions it. Coconut oil can also help you ward off dryness - a major cause of hair loss. 

    Apply coconut oil by taking a small amount in your hands and gently rubbing it on your scalp and hair. By using it regularly, you can prevent hair damage and improve strand health. 


    Apply an aloe vera pack

    The gel present inside aloe vera can be used to repair hair damage, strengthen strands, and make the scalp healthier. Not only will it calm your dry, itchy scalp but also get rid of the unwanted oil from your hair follicles. Using this home remedy is pretty simple: Rub aloe vera gel gently on your scalp and rinse it after one hour. 

    Other than repairing damaged hair, this home remedy can also be used for treating skin wounds. 


    Get an egg mask 

    Rich in biotin and protein, eggs can help men and women with hair recovery by providing vital nourishment to damaged tresses. It can also avert hair breakage by conditioning the scalp. Pick some raw eggs to prepare the hair mask at home. Here’s how to do it: 

    Stir the yolk and apply it evenly to your hair. Let it sit on your hair for an hour and then rinse it with a mild shampoo. Using this home remedy twice a month will not only help you prevent hair damage using eggs but also make your strands thick and smooth.