Prolong the Life of Your Hair System: Tips & Tricks


Even though hair systems have a recommended lifespan, depending on how you care for your hair toupee, it can shorten or prolong the life of your wig. Many other factors such as the climate you live in and daily activities you do also play a huge role in how long your hair toupee will last.


Let's look at some care and maintenance tips and things to consider to help you get extend the life of your hair system!


1. Decide your preferred durability before purchase

It's a fact that the main factor influencing how long your men’s hair wig will last is the materials used to make it. Hair pieces made from ultra thin skin just wont be as long lasting as those hair systems made from sturdier lace materials. Toupee wigs with single or double knots as their ventilation method will also be less prone to hairs falling out than the v-loop method. Therefore, this is a hugely important step to get right before you even receive your hair system. Let's have a look at the average recommended lifespan for each type of men's hair toupee.


 Average recommended lifespan of different hair systems

1-2 months for 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair systems and Swiss lace hair systems

2-4 months for 0.06-0.08mm super thin skin hair systems and French lace hair systems

4-6 months for 0.10-0.15mm thin skin hair systems and mono(filament) hair systems

+6 months for NPU (a thicker kind of poly) hair systems


Once you have decided what kind of durability you are looking for that that aligns with your expectations in terms of how realistic the toupee hair piece looks, you can then think about your habits that can help keep your men's hairpiece looking in tip top condition for longer and prolong hair system life.



 Lordhair Champion

Champion is a full French Lace Stock Hairpiece that lasts 2-4 months which offers greater durability and a longer lifespan than skin models whilst retaining an ultra natural look. 

Purchase the Lordhair Champion Men’s Toupee now


2. "It's getting hot in here"

Hot, sweaty climates and strenuous sporting activities can cause you to sweat on the top of your head. This naturally leads to the tape or adhesive used when attaching the hair piece to loosen, meaning you may have to remove it to clean more often and may reduce the toupee lifespan. When cleaning, we always advise good care techniques, such as using a soft hand and washing your toupee hair wig in one direction, yet the act of washing in itself will cause slight wear each time, the more often you wash the greater the wear.


What can you do to make your hair system last longer? Avoid situations that may cause you to sweat excessively or plan your activities around your hair system. If you like to go for a run at midday, why not be an early bird, catch the worm and go for an early morning run when the sun is lower in the sky causing you to sweat less? Additionally, if you have an event coming up that might cause greater damage to your hair toupee than regular activities, such as going to a sauna, then why not time it just before you plan to switch out your new hair system? This will help extend the life of your toupee by avoiding damaging activities.



 Mono hair systems for men

Genesis is a Men’s Toupee made with Fine Mono base material and a PU Perimeter that lasts 4-6+ months, offering a super long lifespan.


Purchase the Lordhair Genesis Men’s Wig here

3. “Let's clip it on!”

Of course sleeping with a hair toupee on can cause more damage as compared to not sleeping with it on, however the act of attachment and removal can reduce the life span of your hair replacement system. Men's toupees that use glue or tape can experience wear and tear to a greater extent than wig pieces that have been clipped in, because each time you remove and wash your hair system it causes you to rub and brush the base and pull softly on the hairs when cleaning them.


Sewing in clips to your hair system can allow you to achieve your desired look with our huge selection of toupee wigs for men without having to worry about scraping the base to remove sticky glue, or pulling on hair strands when rubbing in shampoo, which will help you maintain your hair system for longer. You can simply clip the toupee onto existing hair and remove when undertaking any damaging activities, such as showering or sleeping, again helping to extend the hair system lifespan greatly.


Check out our recent video about how to sew on clips yourself 

At Lordhair we also provide the option to have our hair stylist sew in the clips for you for just $10.


4. “Nights in White Satin”

Our last tip is to be mindful of the natural fallout of your wig hairpiece and take steps to reduce the pull. Of course, it is only natural that men’s hair systems will experience wear and tear and fallout, it cannot be avoided. However if you sleep with your wig hairpiece attached then you can switch your regular pillowcase for a satin one.


This not only makes you feel like a king and is soft on the face, it also helps to avoid the pull on the strands of your hairpiece, thereby helping to reduce the fallout.



You can buy our full range of men’s hair pieces, such as monofilament wigs and thin skin hair toupees on our website at If you have more questions about which hair system is best suited to your lifestyle and toupee care tips, our support team is always happy to help and provide a super quick response.


To sum up:

  1. Different materials and ventilation methods can contribute to different life spans of different hair pieces
  2. Hot climates and heavy duty sports cause you to sweat more and clean your hair toupee more often
  3. Clips can increase the lifespan of your toupee wig by avoiding glue and attaching directly to hair
  4. Sleep with a satin pillow case to avoid pull
  5. The Lordhair full range is extensive, meaning you will always find the perfect hair system suited to your lifestyle



Do you still have any hair care questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to help you with your query.


Do you have any more tips? We would love to hear them, let us know in the comments below and help out a fellow hair system wearer.



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