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    How Much Would You Pay for Hair Loss Remedies?



    I’ve been receiving a few requests from gay men in the UK who are curious about hair loss solutions and the trend I am noticing is not so much the cost of hair loss solutions but more so the thought process of spending the money on their hair loss. Trust me, I’ve been down this familiar road many times.


    When I was looking at options I spent numerous months following men on social media who have had hair transplants. What I noticed was most of the men I was following went abroad to have a hair transplant. I was sold on the idea and became more and more obsessed about wanting to get a hair transplant.


    Hair-Rising Costs for Hair Loss Solutions


    I then began to look at the cost of transplants and it tended to be much cheaper in places like Turkey, Greece and Spain. What I noticed was no one was talking about the possible risks of visiting these countries for what is surgery. In my opinion, as soon as appliances that cut into skin appear – this is surgery. I knew the risks and because I had already made my mind up, I found myself outweighing the huge risks with the possible look of a full head of hair. However, if I can be willing to travel to a foreign country (where English was not the first language and the risk of words can mean something else) and go under a knife, why on earth would I hesitate to consider purchasing an easier and safer option from mainland China?


    You Can Find Quality When Shopping Abroad



    Looking at my thought process more closely, I remember growing up and seeing ‘Made in China’ on most of the things I would come across in the house. From toys to drinking glasses and I remember thinking this place called China is like a huge treasure chest of goods. I thought twice about investing less than $150 for a hair system from Lordhair because of all the negative connotations associated with China and the goods that come out of the country. However, we can’t forget, that nothing is made or built to last forever. Surgery and medicine are never 100% guaranteed.


    With these two facts in mind, it occurred to me that I was willing to spend a few thousand dollars to get on a plane and allow a non-English speaking hair technician (not a Doctor) to perform surgery on my head yet was thinking twice about the quality of a hair system from Lordhair who are based in China.


    I should have made this decision years ago


    I bit the bullet and made an order (over 3 years ago) and it has completely turned me off the option of having a hair transplant. During all my research, I realised I was never going to achieve the results with a hair transplant – the objective of a remedy for my hair loss was I wanted a full head of hair. I got it and I look forward to sharing (next time) the process I went through as soon as I saw the hair system for the very first time.