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    Can You Play Rugby in a Hair System?


    With the business end of the Rugby World Cup 2023 fast approaching, we thought it apt to tackle the question of whether you can play rugby in a hair system. Now, you may well be aware that you can exercise and do sport in a hair system but what about a contact sport like rugby? The nature of rugby as a sport is very different from say, tennis so that’s why we at Lordhair – a global manufacturer and supplier of men’s hairpieces and hair system- feel it’s important to shed some light on playing rugby in a hair system.


    France Rugby World Cup 2023 official match ball

    So, without further ado, let’s kick off with a look at hair systems and sports in general.  


    Can You Play Sports in a Hair System?

    The simple answer is, yes, you can! Let’s dispel a couple of hair system myths when it comes to sport.


    Will my hairpiece fall off when I run?

    No, and given the running and movement required for many sports, the fact that this will not happen means you can run around safe in the knowledge that your hair system isn’t going to fall off. Specialist hair system tape and glue really are that strong. So much so that it’s very unlikely that someone could even pull off your hair system with their own bare hands.


    This wind test is a great indication of just how secure hair systems are


    Will sweat make my hair system fall off?

    Again, no. Sweat will not make your hair system come undone and fall off. That's not to say that you can simply ignore sweat.

    Sweat will break down the bond of tape or glue so over time, sweat might cause a bit of lift at the front but this is also what will happen if you wear your hair system for a long time regardless of whether you play sport or now. Also, bear in mind that your hairstyle might be covering your hairline and since you are doing sport, you might be wearing a headband or some kind of headwear meaning no one will be able to see your hairline.

    The fact that sweat does break down the bond is why we would recommend you reattach the front of your hair system every few days if you are particularly active and sweat a lot. However, as ever with hair systems, it will come down to your own preferences and how much you sweat.


    Sweat but no lift!


    How Is Rugby Different from Other Sports for Hair System Wearers?

    Now, let’s take a look at the sport of rugby itself and how its unique nature might cause complications when it comes to playing rugby

    First and foremost, rugby is a contact sport and even if you are the most fleet-footed of wingers, you are going to come into contact with opposition players.

    Your head has to go into some dark places on the rugby pitch: think rucks, mauls and scrums. There is a lot of pressure being applied to your head at various times. None more so than in the front row.


    Rugby scrum

    Would you put your hair system there?


    Then, there is the friction against your head when tackling as the correct tackling technique means you will be placing your head anywhere from the chest down to the lower legs of the opposition. In attack or defence, your head will be on the ground a lot too or, potentially sliding across the pitch when being tackled.

    If they’re not tackling you then people will be grabbing you but thanks to the laws of the game, no one should be grabbing your head and certainly not pulling your hair.

    All this being said and with all the force that can be applied to the head, we would say that there is the possibility of hair coming out during a game – perhaps in clumps. If someone, were to grab your head then the base could tear but no way would your hair system come off.

    Naturally, you will sweat as you would with other sports but that needn’t be an issue as we discussed earlier. Your hair may well get muddy but you can shower and wash your hair as you would with your own hair.


    Can You Play Rugby in a Hair System?

    That is the question that everything boils down to: can you play rugby in a hair system or not?

    Unfortunately, we do not have first-hand experience and no video content of a customer and hair system wearer playing rugby but for now, we can only give our expert opinions based on our knowledge of hair systems and rugby as a sport.


    Can you play rugby in a hair system? We would say, yes … but with a scrum cap.


    For hair system wearers, we would not recommend playing rugby without one due to the unique characteristics of the sport. However, a scrum cap seems the best way of ensuring your hair system stays in one piece. The good thing is that in today’s rugby landscape, wearing a scrum cap is no big deal even if you’re a back.


    Cheslin Kolbe 2022 by Stefano Delfrate is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

    Cheslin Kolbe

    You will always see World Cup winner Cheslin Kolbe playing in a scrum cap


    You’re not going to draw unwanted attention to yourself. No one’s going to see you in a scrum cap and think, “Oh, he must be wearing a hair system”!

    Another recommendation that we would make is to consider doing a full reattachment two days before your game because you should then find that the bond will be at its strongest on the day of your game. Maybe a touch-up at the front before or after mid-week training. You will know best when it comes to making sure your hair system is attached in as secure a manner as possible. 


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    Should I Use Glue or Tape If I Play Rugby in a Hair System?

    Glue or tape is always a personal preference but whatever you prefer, you should consider using the strongest glue or tape. We don’t sell glue but we do sell wig tape and the tape with the strongest hold that we stock is Ultra Hold by Walker Tape.

    Based on the hair system wearers we work with, tape would actually be their preference for a sport like rugby. Sweating rather than the nature of rugby is the decisive factor here given that from their experience, tape tends to hold up much better to sweat than glue. Glue can have the tendency to liquefy under high heat and heavy sweating. It's also white in liquid form so not only would the bond weaken but the glue would also be visible. Of course, rugby may not be played in colder, winter months where you are or you may not be much of a sweater, so as is always the case with glue or tape, use what works best for you.


    Tip: Do you use a scalp protector? Consider one for a better hold as a scalp protector will help keep the build-up of sweat, oil and water at bay. Max Hold Sport by Walker Tape is one good option.


    Playing Rugby in a Hair System: Final Thoughts

    We have answered as best we can but for us, the short answer is that you can play rugby in a hair system with the caveat that we would strongly recommend you wear a scrum cap. 

    So, if you’re a rugby player and are considering a hair system then don’t be put off. You can play sports in a hair system and you can play rugby too so your lifestyle really doesn’t have to change. Are you in fact a rugby player who wears a hair system? Let us know below as we and others would love to hear from you.

    Now that you know you can play rugby with a toupee, do you need help deciding on which Lordhair hairpiece to choose? Reach out to our friendly team and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. 



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