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    NEW Lordhair Perm Service for Man Weave Toupees


    Do you have curly or Afro hair, but don’t want to wait for a custom-made man weave?


    Many man weave wearers can actually go for a stock hairpiece and get it cut and styled at a salon or stick it on and style it themselves. Most stock man weaves have a slight wave, and not anything more curly. Previously with Lordhair, this required a custom-made man weave toupee. NO LONGER!


    What About Specific Hair Needs?

    Not to worry! In May 2022, Lordhair started offering an in-house perming service on all stock hair systems (providing the base type is suitable for the perm level).



    So, If you have incredibly curly hair or Afro-hair, you no longer need to wait 2-3 months for a customized piece.

    Now, you just need to add around three days to the order time and then have your order in just over a week from making your order.

    Got any questions about our perm service? Get in touch with your customer service representative who will help you place your order or reach out to us if you are a new customer.



    lordhair perm service