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    Louis Theroux’s Recovery from Alopecia Is Going Smooth


    Louis Theroux is best known for producing immersive documentaries that explore the complex aspects of human conditions. Some months ago, the super-talented journalist, author, and broadcaster reported losing hair in his beard and was diagnosed with alopecia. 

    The good news is that Louis has started showing signs of recovery. Since alopecia affects millions of others, we decided to share the ray of hope with our readers! Read on for the latest update on Louis Theroux's alopecia. 

    But before we delve into things, let’s start with a quick introduction to Louis Theroux!


    louis theroux


    Louis Theroux: Quick Introduction

    Louis Theroux is a British-American documentary maker, journalist, author, and podcaster. He is popularly known for making documentaries that investigate fascinating worlds and lifestyles. 

    Louis Theroux has won numerous awards including three BAFTAs, an RTS award, and Grierson’s Trustees’ Award during his decades-spanning career. He is commonly known for When Louis Met ... Jimmy Savile, My Scientology Movie, and Louis Theroux: Weird Weekends


    Louis Theroux and Alopecia

    A few months ago, Louis Theroux revealed that he was probably suffering from the autoimmune disorder known as alopecia. He opened up about the condition in June on his Instagram by sharing a picture of bald patches in his beard. Here’s a quick snippet of his update from IG: 


    “Nature has played a cruel trick on me. Thanks to my alopecia barbae (“of the beard”) I can now only grow a weird little Hitler moustache. This is what I look like after three days of not shaving. I have given up on ever growing back to its luxuriant former glory but is it too much to ask for it to ALL fall out instead of having a tiny remnant in a potentially offensive configuration?”


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    Louis Theroux Alopecia Update

    We are happy to report that things are now changing for the good as far as Louis Theroux is concerned. On 23 August, he shared an update on his health journey with alopecia by sharing on Instagram that his beard had appeared in places where hair was previously scant. Here’s a snippet from his IG update: 


    “Alopecia update (try to remain calm!): new bald patches are appearing in my “top hair” (the hair on top of my head) BUT I can now grow a weird straggly and rather sparse white beard. So that’s something. And there are some tiny patches of regrowth on my eyebrow."


    Tips to Recover from Alopecia

    For those who don't know, alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that can be treated with medical intervention and patience. The below tips will help you recover from it:


    Manage stress: There is medical proof that stress exacerbates certain types of alopecia. Engaging in stress-reducing activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can contribute to stress reduction.

    Healthy diet: A balanced and nutritious diet can contribute to overall health, including hair health. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins can support hair growth. 

    Human hair wigsNon-surgical hair replacement systems (also known as wigs, toupees, and hairpieces) are one of the best options to recover from aggressive alopecia hair loss. The units can be attached easily to the scalp and help in boosting confidence.

    Scalp care: Gentle care of the scalp is essential. Use mild shampoos while avoiding chemical-laden styling products during your hair care routine. Avoid excessive brushing or combing that might stress the hair shafts. Massage your scalp with hair oil to boost hair growth.

    Avoid risky hairstyles: Tight hairstyles and excessive heat-based styling can damage hair and worsen alopecia hair loss. Allow your hair to breathe and minimize the use of harsh styling techniques.


    scalp care


    Get Your Hair Back with Lordhair

    We hope that the above inputs gave you a good insight into the alopecia recovery journey of Louis Theroux. It is always recommended to consult with your dermatologist before buying any product for your hair loss.

    Hair systems, on the other hand, require no medical opinion. So, if you have any questions to ask, drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from our team of hair experts.