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    Kratom Hair Loss: Everything You Need to Know

    People across the globe use kratom to recover from muscle pain, diarrhea, and anxiety. While the popular medication is certainly effective, a lot of people have reported hair loss, thinning, and damage after using it.

    Multiple sources claim that taking a high dose of kratom increases the chances of immune response disruption and the same can trigger an attack on the hair follicles.

    To help people get rid of kratom hair loss, Lordhair - a leading hair system brand - decided to create this post and share the treatments for kratom hair loss.

    First, let’s learn more about kratom.

    Kratom hair loss

    What is Kratom?

    It is an herbal extract that comes from an evergreen tree named Mitragyna Speciosa of the coffee family. Kratom is either chewed fresh or dried to check the side effects. Found and used in Southeast Asia and Africa, it is widely consumed for its many health benefits.

    Now, let’s learn about the treatments to get rid of hair loss caused by kratom.

    6 Treatments for Kratom Hair Loss

    Reduce your dose: It’s generally accepted that taking a higher dose of kratom for a long time causes hair loss. Reducing your daily dose is one of the easiest ways to check kratom hair loss. Try other treatments for the medical condition you are using kratom for.

    Buy oversized hair systems to overcome hair loss

    Right shampoo and conditioner: Using the right hair loss recovery shampoo can help you in regaining the lost hair and limit further damage. While there are hundreds of shampoos available online and offline for hair growth, consult your dermatologist to pick with best one. If buying online, don’t forget to read the reviews.

    Stay healthy and stress-free: Suffering from medical conditions that trigger the same side effects as kratom can also bring hair loss. Make efforts to maintain your overall health. Practice meditation, weightlifting, or any other fitness regime to stay stress-free.

    Adopt a healthy diet: A good diet can fix hair loss caused by kratom abuse. Our hair needs vitamins like A, B, C, D, and E as well as zinc and iron. Make sure your daily diet is rich in them for boosting hair growth. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet as they are rich in nutrients.

    Buy a human hair wig: Boosting hair growth and getting a healthy head of hair after facing kratom hair loss will take a few months. During this period, use a real hair wig for quick recovery.

    Also known as human systems, hairpieces, and toppers, hair wigs are loved all across the globe for their comfort, durability, and breathability.

    Buying human hair wigs for women or hairpiece toupees for men will help you in getting instant results.

    Avoid certain hairstyles: Many hairstyles such as dreadlocks and tight ponytails can trigger hair loss problems. These hairstyles weaken the hair roots and make the hair to fall out. Avoiding certain hairstyles can help you in slowing down your hair loss. Long story short, stop tying your hair too tight!

    Kratom and hair loss

    Kratom Hair Loss and Recovery

    We hope that the above post will help you discover the meaning and treatments for kratom hair loss. Visit your hairstylist and dermatologist if you are facing excessive hair loss.

    Have queries to ask? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from our team of hair experts.

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