Complete Alopecia Hair Loss: Symptoms, Remedies, and More


All of us experience some degree of hair loss. To be precise, we lose around 100 strands in a day from all over the body. But hair loss is different if you're suffering from a hair loss condition. Today, we will talk about complete alopecia, a condition that affects over 200,000 Americans every year.

A lot of individuals are not familiar with complete alopecia and that’s why Lordhair - a global hair system brand - decided to share this quick knowledge resource on complete alopecia including symptoms, causes, and remedies.


Let’s start with the meaning first!


What is complete alopecia?

Complete alopecia, also known as Alopecia Universalis, is a condition in which complete loss of hair occurs on the scalp and all over the body. It is an advanced version of alopecia areata that causes hair loss in the form of round patches throughout the body.


Now, let’s learn about the major symptom of complete alopecia.


Major Symptom of complete alopecia


Losing hair from the different parts of the body is the major giveaway of complete alopecia. It brings loss of hair from:


Body hair

Hair loss throughout the body is the easiest way to recognize whether you are affected by complete alopecia or some other type of alopecia.


Men with extreme hair loss from complete alopecia prefer hair piece toupees for recovery


Cause of complete alopecia


While the exact reason behind complete alopecia hasn’t been identified yet, some hair experts believe that complete alopecia is an immune system disorder in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. This triggers hair fall throughout the body.


It is also believed that extreme stress when combined with genetics and immune system troubles can cause complete alopecia.


Read in detail about common types of alopecia


Treatments for complete alopecia


We know how distressing it is to lose your precious hair strands. While no major breakthrough has been achieved in terms of recovery from complete alopecia hair loss, there are some treatments that can help slow down rapid hair loss.


Following are the most widely chosen hair loss treatments by dermatologists and healthcare professionals:


Hair system

Watch Chris talk about his hair system experience


5 Facts about complete alopecia:


No therapy has been found to work for individuals affected by complete alopecia
Complete alopecia is noncontagious
It doesn’t require any lab tests or imagining for identification
Over 200,000 cases of complete alopecia appear in the USA every year
Complete alopecia majorly affects people between 35 to 50 years of age


Recover from complete alopecia with Lordhair

When it comes to complete hair loss, the condition can only be managed to some extent through medications and medical support. However, if extreme hair loss is already there, recovery is almost impossible. In such cases, we recommend using hair systems that are designed using real hair.
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