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    Is Keratin Treatment for Thin Hair Effective or Not? Truth Revealed

    Have you ever wondered what’s common between the horns of a reindeer and human hair? Both are made up of and covered by keratin. If you have been reading up about how to fix thin, frizzy, curly hair for quite some time, you presumably have stumbled across keratin treatment.

    In the past few years, keratin treatment has emerged as an effective way of fixing thin hair. While there is no dearth of content about keratin treatment for thin hair recovery, many questions remain more or less unanswered, namely:

    • What does keratin do to hair?
    • Will keratin help with hair growth?
    • Is keratin treatment for thin hair really effective?
    • Does keratin treatment for thin hair have any side effects?

    In this blog, Lordhair - a global supplier of hair systems - will answer all such questions about using keratin for thin hair treatment. Let’s start demystifying keratin treatment by understanding its concept first!

    What Exactly is Keratin?

    Keratin is an intermediate filament-forming protein that is found on the epithelial cells present on the topmost layer of the skin. It lends support and forms a barrier of protection around the hair shaft, making sure that your hair remains lively and looks shiny.

    According to dermatologists, different types of keratin vouches for the growth and structure of the fingernails, hair, and skin. Keratin’s main purpose is to help protect epithelial (outer skin) cells and hair tissues from damage. However, it can be worn out by over styling, heat, chemicals, and other hair-damaging elements.

    keratin treatment for thin hair

    How Does Keratin Treatment Work?

    Keratin treatment works exactly how it sounds. It involves the use of Keratin protein and a formaldehyde solution which is extracted at high temperature and brushed on coarse, frizzy, or curly hair with a flat iron to lock hair strands in position and add new life into them.

    What are the Benefits of Keratin Treatment for Hair?

    There are several benefits that men and women can get from keratin treatment for thin hair. Wondering what those advantages are? Well, here they are:

    • Smooth hair: According to beauticians and hair specialists, the ingredient Keratin in itself is like a strong deep conditioner. It helps rebuild parts of the hair that have been damaged and smoothens them. If your strands are unmanageable, frizzy, and curly, Keratin smoothing can make your hair shiny, less frizzy, and easy to manage. It will provide you with an attractive, naturally beautiful look.


    • More manageable hair: One of the biggest benefits of undergoing keratin treatment! Constantly styling your hair using heat tools, gel, or wax makes the hair weak, brittle, and frizzy. As a result, it triggers hair thinning and leads to hair loss. A keratin treatment will put life back into your hair and make it more manageable.

    Keratin treatment also saves your hair from heat damage!


    • Fill gaps: Got split ends and damaged hair? No problem. Got thinning hair? No need to worry. Keratin treatment can help you fill gaps in the protein of each hair strand and make them look more vibrant and thicker. No wonder, it is a popular treatment for thin hair.

    Keratin treatment isn’t the only solution for fixing thin hair. Check out these 15 tips to fix a receding hairline

    How Good is Keratin Treatment for Thin Hair?

    As we said, Keratin is a protein found naturally in our nails, hair, and skin. It acts as a shield and can help keep the hair strong and healthy. Chemical treatments like hair coloring and bleaching affect the robustness of our hair strands. Keratin treatment rebuilds the broken shield again and results in hair that appear healthier and smoother.

    However, it must be kept in mind here that Keratin treatment proves to be more beneficial for curly, coarse, or color-treated hair which is usually thicker. Thin hair that is fine and straight may not be able to reap all the benefits from keratin treatment. In fact, it might get overwhelmed and result in further hair damage and hair breakage.

    Can Keratin Treatment Help with Hair Growth?

    A lot of people who undergo keratin treatment feel like their hair is growing more quickly than before. But is it true? Well, it isn’t. This chemical does nothing more than strengthening the hair. According to hair experts, keratin treatments help to add shine, reduce frizz and minimize the appearance of split ends by pulling the hair back together.

    All of these effects caused by Keratin treatment for thin or thick hair can help strands look and feel longer and stronger. In reality, however, they are still growing at the same rate.

    is keratin good for thin hair

    What are the Side Effects of Keratin Treatment for Hair?

    Even if you are thinking of using this treatment for your thick and curly hair, you should be aware of the fact that every chemical procedure comes with its share of side effects. The keratin treatment is no different! There are several potential side effects of using a keratin treatment, especially one that comes with formaldehyde.

    Here are some of the commonly known side effects:

    #1 Cancer progression

    While keratin itself is a natural protein, it is often used with several other chemical ingredients including formaldehyde. For those who don’t know, formaldehyde is a colorless odorless gas often used in construction work, superglue, and chemical products.

    According to health experts, being exposed to this chemical for a long period of time may increase your chances of either acquiring cancer or aggravating it. It can be harmful to both the person who is applying the solution and the person who is undergoing keratin treatment for thick or thin hair.

    #2 Hair breakage

    Yes, you read it right! Hair breakage is one of the biggest side effects and concerns of patients who undergo keratin treatment for thin or thick hair, especially if it is done often. This happens due to extreme heat exposure which may make hair beautiful initially but weakens the hair follicles in the long run. This can ultimately result in hair damage and breakage.

    #3 Severe allergies

    Another known side effect of keratin treatment for thin or thick hair. Men and women who undergo this chemical procedure have reported heaviness in their chest and headaches that lasted for several days. In many cases, the application of keratin treatment has also caused eye irritation, nosebleeds, scalp allergies, rashes, coughing, and sneezing.

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