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    How Much Does Hair Loss Treatment Cost?

    hair loss solutions


    Hair loss treatments are processes that are used to give people who suffer from hair loss or other balding issues, the feeling of having hair again. These types of treatment range from hair systems and hairpieces all the way to hair loss tablets and hair transplants and they range in cost.

    If your focus is solely on buying a hair system, the costs will vary based on where you get them from, the size and the features of the hair system. Because there are so many pricing factors involved, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. To help you in your search for affordable and accessible hair system treatment cost information along with alternative costs for other hair loss treatments available, we’ve put together this in-depth guide which could be just what you’re looking for.


    Hair Systems


    Hair systems are modern-day toupees/wigs that are attached to a bald head with tape or glue. They cater to all types of baldness and will give you the look and feel of having hair. Hair systems are used by men and women who have lost their hair due to medical conditions like alopecia, chemotherapy treatment, or other factors. The systems are also commonly known as hair prostheses and can be made of natural or synthetic fibers.

    Hair systems are also available in many different colors and styles to meet your unique needs and preferences. So, you must be asking yourself how much does hair system treatment cost? Depending on how frequently you will be wearing the hair system, prices for these products can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Here is a brief overview of some common costs associated with these types of hair systems for men:


    Stock hair systems

    Lordhair’s most popular non-surgical hair systems are our men’s stock hair systems. Our male stock hair systems are available in lace, skin, mono, or a combination of the three base materials.

    Prices range from $139 to $299 (£124 to £266), with the majority of items costing $239 (£213) or less. Additionally, you have the choice of selecting Lordhair’s in-house services, such as base cutting ($10/£9) or cutting and styling ($20/£18), which would make your hair system ready to wear as soon as you receive it through the mail. They manage to make significant savings that they pass along to the customers because we are a global manufacturer of hair replacement systems.

    If you purchase numerous units at once, Lordhair’s stock hair systems and toupees also become significantly less expensive. You may save money and lower the price of their non-surgical hair replacement goods even if you only purchase two of our men’s hair systems. Consequently, purchasing numerous toupee units might significantly reduce your expenses!


    At Lordhair, we have regular promotions - so for the best Black Friday deals be sure to check out our site!


    Frontal hair systems

    By their late 20s and early 30s, millions of men are battling a receding hairline and it often may seem that there's nothing you can do about it. But that's where Lordhair has stepped in with our frontal hair replacement systems for guys in their catalog. Frontal wigs with a non-surgical hair recovery solution are composed of 100% natural hair strands sewn into a thin skin or fine welded mono base.

    Our stock frontal hair replacement systems start from US$159 (£132) and if you're buying the Lordhair SuperSkin-F frontal hairpiece for the first time, you can get it for just  $84.99 (£73).  You can choose the base size and hair color that best matches your needs.

    You can also see frontal hairpieces as a good introduction to hair systems and perhaps a less daunting step to make if you're new as they don't require you to shave the whole of the top of your head. Men who use Lordhair's frontal hair patches have an incredibly realistic frontal appearance since they effortlessly blend in with the natural hair strands on the top and sides of the head.


    Learn just how it is you can attach a frontal hair system yourself!


    Clip-on hair systems

    Utilizing tape and glue for application causes discomfort for some men who are experiencing hair loss. For this reason, in 2020, Lordhair added clip-on hairpieces to our extensive selection of stock hair systems for men.

    Clip-on hair systems are the simplest, quickest, and safest methods to have a head full of hair in less than a minute, and they are reasonably priced. Non-surgical hair systems are the ideal option for men who work out, swim, or play sports frequently. Our clip-in hair patches have a comfortable, airy, and durable foundation. Starting at $249 (£222), the price of these non-surgical hair replacement systems may vary depending on the customization.

    If you don't find what you're looking for then we can also add clips to one of our regular stock hair systems for just $10 (£9).


    Custom-made hair systems

    Men's personalized hair systems are available but you should expect to pay more for them given that they are made to your exact specifications. $299 (£263) is only the starting price for our custom hair replacement systems and toupees for gentlemen.

    There are literally hundreds of options and styles to pick from. You have access to a plethora of customization options with Lordhair; therefore, it would be hard to provide you with a precise final cost. You are in complete control of all hair system features (from the base design to every single aspect of the hair). Therefore, if you were to order a lace system and desired bleached knots, you would have to pay an additional $19 (£17) for this feature. Also, maybe you’re looking for Remy or European human hair? These hair types cost more than our regular Indian human hair and as you can imagine, the length of the hair influences the price.


    Oversized hair systems

    Oversized hair systems with a starting price of $389 (£342) are an example of a customized hair system. The base measurements of these male hair wigs range from 8” x 10” to 10 x 10” which makes them bigger than our stock range. Large hairpieces are ideal for men seeking a hairpiece that extends further than a regular-sized hair system and blends well with the back and side of their head. Our large hair replacements are also perfect for anyone with a large head. They can be just as breathable, comfortable and durable as any of the other men’s hair systems in our catalog.


    Curious about our hair systems are made? Our recent blog has you covered!


    Alternative Hair Treatments and Costs


    We may be all for hair systems at Lordhair but it's important to know about the other options out there and the cost of these other types of hair loss treatment.


    Hair transplants

    A surgical treatment known as a hair transplant involves moving hair from a healthy area of the head to a bald or thinning area. These techniques can regrow scalp hair that has been lost as a result of old age, illness, or accident. The price of a hair transplant is highly variable and typically ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 (£3,564 to £13,366). These expenses are frequently not covered. Most health insurance providers regard hair transplants as a cosmetic procedure.

    They can also make bald areas or thinning hair look better. Alopecia, which results in hair loss, may also be treated with them, according to medical professionals.

    Since hair transplants are frequently done as outpatient procedures, you won't need to spend the night in the hospital. The procedure typically lasts four to eight hours and is performed in a hospital or doctor's office.


    hair loss solutions


    Platelet-rich plasma

    Platelets, which aid in blood clotting and facilitate healing, are found in plasma. A patient's plasma is injected into sore or wounded areas of their body during platelet-rich plasma therapy procedures. This regenerative treatment can help heal damaged tendons, ligaments, and joints. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes, like preventing hair loss or rejuvenating aging skin.

    A single PRP treatment will normally cost between $500 and $2,500 (£446 to £2,228) or more. People may also need to receive treatments again. The hair loss treatment cost can vary based on the region, available resources, and the doctor providing it. It is also important to understand that few insurance policies pay for PRP therapy.



    Men with moderate to severe hair loss are frequently given finasteride as a prescription. For people with a familial history of hair loss, it's a frequent treatment, especially when used in conjunction with other hair loss remedies. It functions by preventing the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is thought to be the primary factor in male pattern baldness.

    Depending on the drugstore or healthcare provider you choose, you can anticipate spending $20 to $60 (£17 to £51) or more a month for generic finasteride and on average you could be spending around $480 (£428) a year. You'll also need to budget for the expense of a doctor's visit if you purchase finasteride online. For an easier, more affordable option, get your finasteride online.

    Finasteride is an effective medication for women even though it is often only administered to men. It's crucial to remember that while this medicine can enhance hair quality and reduce shedding, it is not intended to promote hair growth. It's also important to keep in mind that finasteride may cause some very severe adverse effects, such as diminished libido and sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and erectile dysfunction.



    One of the few hair loss therapies that have been clinically shown effective is minoxidil, a chemical solution that has been used since the late '70s. It functions as a topical treatment by increasing blood flow to your hair follicles and assisting your scalp in regenerating thicker hair. It’s so effective that the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved it as the first and only hair loss treatment for both men and women.

    Currently, Minoxidil costs around $30 (£26) a month and is available at most major retailers and online stores. You can get this topical treatment for as little as $15 (£13) and all the way up to $45 (£38). A single bottle of Minoxidil lasts about a month since it is applied twice daily, every day. If you notice results from Minoxidil, you must continue using it or you will lose your hair again. The annual cost is approximately $346 (£308).

    Minoxidil is approved to treat several medical conditions, such as heart disease and high blood pressure, with minimal adverse effects. Although they are uncommon, side effects do happen in about 5% of cases. Mild itching, redness, and irritation are the most prevalent. It also comes in a variety of strengths, making it simple to choose the ideal dosage for your need.


    Scalp micropigmentation

    The average costs for an entire scalp micropigmentation treatment depend on whether you’re having one, two or three sessions. Normally the first two sessions are there to build the density of the hair tattoo and the third session is used to finish the feathering and definition stages of the procedure. The prices can range from $500 to $1,200 (£446 to £1,069) for mild hair loss, $1,500 to $2,200 (£1337 to £1,960) for medium hair loss and $2,200 to $3,500 (£1,960 to £,3119) for advanced hair loss.

    A scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure. Scalp micropigmentation uses micro-pigment (permanent makeup) to color the scalp and create a thicker, more equally distributed hair appearance. Candidates for a scalp micropigmentation hair loss solution do not require existing hair follicles, like those who undergo other hair transplant procedures.


    Final Points on Hair Loss Treatment Costs

    Finding a solution to thinning hair can be a difficult and frustrating experience. But it’s also an important one! Once you find a treatment that works for you, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to deal with thinning hair any longer. Whether you choose a quick and easy clip-on hair system or a longer-lasting hair transplant procedure, there’s a hair loss treatment out there for everyone for all costs.

    If you’re looking for alternative methods to lower hair thinning or loss, then you could go for spending money over a certain period on medication such as minoxidil or finasteride. You could even spend a larger amount of money on a procedure that is more permanent such as a hair transplant, so the cost of treatments all depends on what type of treatment you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay.

    Of course, with the variety of hair systems currently in the market, we at Lordhair are dedicated to providing painless hair replacement solutions for those in need. Our non-surgical hair replacement systems are reasonably priced whether you’re looking for stock hair systems from a starting price of $139 (£122) to customized hair systems from $299 (£263). All you have to do is find the one that works for you!



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