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    Boo!-st Your Halloween Game This Year! Introducing Halloween Wigs from Lordhair


    Many a Halloween outfit cannot be truly complete without the right hairstyle or wig. Step forward, the new range of Lordhair Halloween men’s wigs! And step forward, the Lordhair Halloween sale!



    During the course of this brief blog, we’ll introduce our new Halloween wigs and Halloween hairstyles and address some of the questions you might have about them.


    Are These Wigs or Hair Systems?

    First of all, although we are referring to these new hairpieces as wigs, they are in fact hair systems. Hair systems, after all, are what we at Lordhair - a gloablly trusted brand for toupees - specialize in.

    Yes, you could say that wigs and hair systems are the same and that hair system is just a fancy, new name for a wig or toupee. That may well be true but we have explained in the past how you should see hair systems as different from wigs.

    However, given that wigs are what you associate with Halloween, we have chosen to use this term. Read on as we explain why our Halloween wigs are somewhat different from your typical Halloween wig.  


    Introduction to the Lordhair Halloween Wigs

    The first thing to say is that our Lordhair Halloween wigs use real human hair. That is likely to be main the difference from the Halloween wigs you are familiar with. No cheap, synthetic hair here!

    Secondly, for Lordhair hair system wearers, it’s likely that you will recognize our stock hair systems when you browse our Halloween wigs. That’s because these five Halloween wigs have the same base design as five of our stock hair systems. What’s different is the hair color. It’s the bright, vivid hair colors that really make these wigs stand out. The wigs are also pre-cut and styled.

    But without further ado, let’s take a look at one of our Halloween wigs for men:


    Azure: Halloween toupee with a turquoise brushback hairstyle

    There’s something of the mystique about our Azure Halloween wig. The bold, turquoise hair color is certainly eye-catching and it will unleash the spooky spirit inside of you. Or, it could be just the Halloween wig for an ocean-themed costume. Merman? A sea king perhaps? The possibilities are endless!


    A collection of stock photos of the Lordhair Azure Halloween wig


    This hairpiece has the same base design as our SuperSkin men’s hair system so that means you have a 0.08mm all-over thin skin base that can be more easily attached and cleaned than other hair systems.

    Be sure to check out the rest of our Halloween wigs! More hair-raising colors and Halloween hairstyles await you! 


    Male models wearing four Lordhair Halloween wigs

    What Halloween hairstyle will you go for?


    Do I Already Need to Be a Hair System Wearer to Wear These Halloween Wigs?

    These Halloween wigs have been crafted in the same meticulous way as all our other hair systems. As mentioned earlier, we use real human hair and these particulartoupee (also known as men’s human hair wigs, hair systems, hair units, and men’s hairpieces) have French lace or poly bases. They are designed to be worn on the top part of the head - which needs to be shaved - and need to be attached with specialist hair system tape or glue.

    So, yes, you do need to already be wearing hair systems to wear these Halloween wigs. Unless you are prepared to shave your hair off! 


    Hair system wearers, aside from Halloween or cosplay, these Halloween wigs are also great if you would simply like to mix up your look and stand out from the crowd.


    Can I Dye My Own Hair System for Halloween?

    Yes. Just be aware that the hair of our stock hair systems is treated and processed before we dye it during production so further dyeing the hair will weaken the hair and impact the lifespan of the hair system. That’s why you may want to dye and play around with an old hairpiece to create your hairstyle for Halloween. 

    This is especially true if you are looking for a more garish color that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. Plus, an old hairpiece with matted hair or bald patches that you can no longer wear might just give you the kind of disheveled look you are going for - think mad scientist, for example.


    Lordhair Halloween Wigs: Buy Yours Now!

    If you have put all that effort into your Halloween costume then don’t neglect your hair or hairstyle especially if you are a hair system wearer. Our brightly-colored Halloween wigs really can take your costume to a supernatural level. That’s both supernatural and super natural thanks to the realism of these human hair Halloween wigs!

    Now, is the time to buy from Lordhair - be that one of our new Halloween wigs or a regular stock hair system - as we are in the middle of our Halloween promotion.


    Lordhair Scooby-Doo meme

    $30 OFF all ready-to-wear hair systems!


    So, don't miss out on our Halloween wigs ... or there will be hell toupee! Mwa ha ha!



    See how creative you can be with a hair system for Halloween!