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    What Is a Hair System? How Do Hair Systems Differ from Toupees and Wigs?


    Just what is a hair system and why are there so many different names? Do they all mean the same thing? Generally speaking, at Lordhair, we call our products hair systems as we believe that’s the best way to describe them but we use several others terms interchangeably just to make things confusing!


    In this mini blog, we will clarify what a hair system is and touch on how one can differ from the more widely-known toupees and wigs.


    Toupees, wigs and hairpieces

    Toupees, wigs and hairpieces are in effect the same thing. If you were to look up the definition of these words in a dictionary you would see subtle variations of:


    artificial pieces of hair worn on the head to cover balding or your own hair


    Toupees are used exclusively in relation to men whilst wigs are associated more with women. Hairpieces are more gender-neutral.


    You could use the same kind of definition to explain what a hair system is but it wouldn’t tell the whole story.


    What is a hair system?

    Simply put, a hair system is a modern-day toupee or wig that is becoming a non-surgical solution to hair loss. Typically, the word hair system is used more in relation to men than women.


    The artificial aspect of the dictionary definition for wigs, toupees or hairpieces can be misleading. Hair systems are made from real human hair (although synthetic hair can be used) so in essence, there is nothing artificial or fake about them. Hair is ventilated (attached) to what we refer to as the base which is typically made of lace, polyurethane (also known as skin or thin skin), monofilament or a combination of these materials.


    As you will see from the photos below, a hair system may not look too dissimilar from what you would have in mind if you were told a hair system is a type of wig.


    The base of our Combo-V stock hair system is made of polyurethane and French lace


    Hair systems are also ‘semi-permanent’ in nature as the base can be glued or taped to your scalp for weeks at a time. This differentiates them from a one-time wig you might buy from a costume shop to complete an outfit or a toupee that you might clip on to your own hair.


    Why all the different names?

    People are simply more familiar with terms such as wig, toupee and hairpiece. Hair system is an industry-created word that is still relatively new. You will struggle to find it in any dictionary and your average person will not have come across the word. This is why we sometimes need to refer to and market our products by various other names.


    What are all the other names for a hair system?


    - hairpiece
    - hair patch
    - hair unit
    - man weave
    - non-surgical hair replacement
    - topper
    - toupee
    - wig


    So, if you have been searching online for a hair loss solution then it is more than likely that you will have seen some or all of these words. We go into greater detail about all the different terms in a recent video we shared on our YouTube channel.



    But at the end of the day, whichever name you see or choose to use, it is all just hair. And your own hair too! That’s certainly what a hair system will come to feel like as a hair system will come to be very much part of you.


    Want to learn more about hair systems and why they can be such a realistic option for your hair loss? Browse our extensive range of non-surgical men’s hair replacement systems and see for yourself.


    Do you call them hair systems? Or what do you prefer to say? Does it matter? Let us know in the comments below.