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    Is a Hair System a Better Option Than a Hair Transplant?


    When seeking a solution to hair loss, you may be wondering what the best way to deal with it is. It could very well come down to two options: adopting a men’s hair system or going through a hair transplant procedure.

    Whatever choice you make, be it quick, non-invasive, and semi-permanent men’s hair systems or invasive but permanent hair transplants, you want to be equipped with the knowledge of the investment involved.

    That's why Lordhair - trusted globally for men’s hair systems and women's wigs - will share what you need to know to make the best decision for yourself when it comes to deciding whether a hair system or a hair transplant is a better option. 


    What to Consider When Choosing Between a Hair System and a Hair Transplant? 

    Here are five factors to weigh up whether a hair system or a hair transplant will be best for you.



    Naturally, men experiencing hair loss want a solution that does not require a lot of time to achieve. Because of this, a non-surgical hair replacement system is a hair loss solution that can be achieved within days. Whilst men’s hair systems can be made to order, you are also able to buy stock hair systems that in the case of Lordhair, can be shipped the same day. Delivery time can then take just five business days.  

    Hair transplant surgery is a procedure that takes a day to complete. Yet there is the consideration of waiting times and the search for a reputable provider, which will take longer due to the nature of risk involved with such a hair loss solution.


    Note: A hair system goes by many names such as toupee, wig, hair replacement system, hairpiece, and sometimes topper. 


    men's hair system

    For a quick, non-invasive hair loss solution, get yourself a men’s hair replacement system from Lordhair


    Invasiveness and risk

    A hair transplant is an invasive procedure that penetrates through the skin. This can create very natural results because after the procedure is completed, what will grow out of your head will be your own hair, from individual hair follicles that have been transplanted under your skin. However, this method also carries the risk of infections or scar tissue because it requires medical invasion of the body. This is a viable solution for people who can accept the risk to achieve the most natural of looks.

    A men’s hair system,  on the other hand, carries zero risk! There is no medical procedure involved and nothing penetrates the skin. Therefore, a hair replacement system is ideal for those who prefer to solve hair loss without the risk of health problems involved with surgical hair replacement. The only potential issue is that hair system tape or glue could cause an allergic reaction to the skin but this is very unlikely and you would, of course, do a patch test before you wear a hair system for the first time.


    Learn more about the differences between FUE and FUT hair transplants



    The lifespan of a men’s hair replacement system varies greatly depending on the way it was designed (the base design) but Lordhair stock hairpieces have a lifespan of between one and six months. (The level of care taken by the wearer also cannot be underestimated). That's why you can see hair systems as a semi-permanent solution especially when hair system tape and glue can hold for up to four weeks meaning you can wear your hair system for weeks at a time before you need to reattach it. 

    A hair transplant is a permanent solution and so lasts for many years. You can see it as a one-time investment although depending on the nature of your hair loss and the quality of your hair transplant, you may need more than one transplant. Whilst there is permanence in potentially only needing one transplant in your life, a botched job will not get any better so it will look bad until it is fixed by another hair transplant.



    Last but not least is the price of such as solution. With prices starting from US$209, Lordhair hair systems are a much more cost-effective solution to hair transplants, which can cost anywhere between US$7000-$15,000.

    For a more in-depth look at hair system vs hair transplant costs, be sure to check out hair system wearer and salon owner Aaron's video. He has tried out various hair loss solutions that he also discusses and breaks down what you can expect to pay for each.



    Hair Systems vs Hair Transplants: Final Thoughts

    There you have it, our advice on two of the most popular hair loss solution methods – hair systems and hair transplants. Which of these solutions do you think is right for you? Let us know in the comments below. We know which one we would recommend.


     Get a Consultation with Our Customer Service

    If you are considering a hair system as your ideal solution, get in touch with Lordhair support. Our customer service representatives can help you pick out the right hair system with 1-1 advice.

    But why not try our SuperSkin-V hair system


    Skin hairpieceIt's ideal for first-time wearers in that it is made of a transparent thin skin 0.06mm base - ideal for tape or glue attachment - but it combines both realism and durability. This hair system is available in dark, brown, and blonde hair colors and gray hair options are also available.

    See what our SuperSkin-V can do for men like you:


    Let a Lordhair hair system be your hair loss solution!