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    Hair Loss After Pregnancy- Post Delivery Alopecia in Women

    Majority of women start noticing hair loss after first few months of delivery. But the good news is that there are remedies to deal with it. During pregnancy, our body witnesses various changes, from physical to hormonal which results in a massive spike in the levels of oestrogen. The increased levels of oestrogen in body takes hair growth in a rest mode during pregnancy and resumes once the oestrogen levels drop back down to normal.


    Hair loss after pregnancy is also known as postpartum hair loss or postpartum alopecia. While sudden hair loss dampens the joy of being a mother, a recent study says that around 85 percent of hair will grow back actively. If you still experience excessive hair fall even past 12 months of your delivery, consulting a doctor and understanding your condition is a wise decision.


    Here’s what hair experts at Lordhair have to say about hair loss after pregnancy.


    Postpartum Alopecia & its Causes


    The normal growth process for each hair consists of four phases – Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (Transition Phase), Telogen (Resting Phase) and Exogen (New Hair Phase). The hormonal changes continuously occurring in a woman's body throughout her pregnancy cause an increase in the amount of time her hair remains in the anagen (growth phase) resulting in excess hair loss after delivery.  


    A human on an average loses 100 hair strands a day but, a woman during her pregnancy due to hormonal changes is likely to lose 50 or less hair strands per day and more than 100 strands a day post 3 months of delivery.


    Whether it is a single strand or more aggressive hair fall, seeing your hair fall everyday greatly hampers confidence and brings down self esteem. Now that we know what causes hair loss after pregnancy, let’s take a look at the ways to escape postpartum hair loss.


    Preventing Postpartum Hair Loss


    Hair loss after pregnancy is a natural phenomena and almost every woman faces postpartum hair loss. Though there isn’t any proven medical treatment to avoid postpartum alopecia, there are few tips that can help you to control hair loss after delivery, and we have shared the best ones below:


    Cautionary note: Do not start hair loss medications and supplements without taking your doctor’s advice.



    Prenatal vitamins


    According to a global research, consuming Biotin and Zinc in the oral form accompanied by the application of topical cream containing Clobetasol Propionate can help in preventing postpartum alopecia. A prenatal vitamin supplement contains daily vitamins and minerals, it’s folic acid that you need during your pregnancy.


    Vitamin E, C, and V along with Zinc are some of the recommended supplements for hair loss after delivery. Consulting  your physician before taking any prenatal vitamins is always a wise decision.


    Hair care routine


    It is highly advisable to be extra gentle towards your hair. Using a wide tooth comb to switching to a natural shampoo that is devoid of harsh chemicals will keep your hair healthy and strong during & after pregnancy period. Using hair care appliances like hair straighteners and blow dryers is a complete NO. They may add style to your hair but will take away your hair shine and strength.


    Eat Healthy


    Supplements alone can never meet your body’s daily vitamins and minerals needs. Hair  is made up of 95% keratin, a fibrous, helicoidal protein. Thus, eating  fruits and vegetables is highly advised to help you maintain the hair follicles. Including food rich in iron with antioxidants and flavonoids will help you fight hair loss after pregnancy. Eggs, berries, spinach and nuts are some foods that are promotes hair growth.  


    Fight postpartum alopecia with our medical wigs and hair systems !


    Avoid stress


    Stress and anxiety causes hair fall, whether you are a new mother or not. Being a mother is definitely not an easy task and stress can make it even worse leading to increase in your post-delivery hair loss. Get enough sleep, rest and laughter. Laughter is a great way to reduce stress during pregnancy as it releases chemicals in the brain that improve our mood, making us feel better. It is always advised to stay calm and enjoy the beauty of motherhood.




    Loose Hairstyles


    When you are going through postpartum hair loss, avoid making tight hairstyles as it will pull your hair, causing them to break from the roots. Lighter the hair style, more you will feel comfortable carrying it. Where some women choose to go for lighter hairstyles, others choose to chop the length to adopt short hairstyles. It is sometimes good to compromise with a look rather than compromising with your hair. Isn’t it?


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    Medical wigs- Solution for extreme hair loss


    You cannot avoid hair fall post pregnancy but with Lordhair’s wide range of quality hair systems, every new mommy can definitely rock any hairstyle with uttermost grace. At Lordhair, we use cutting edge technology to design and develop the finest human hair wigs and hair systems that meet international quality and safety standards.


    Wigs at Lordhair are made from 100% human hair and our cutting edge technology makes our wigs and hair systems highly undetectable. This quality makes them look real-like as compared to other synthetic wigs and hair systems.


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    Our human hair wigs can be styled just the way you like, and without any need to visit a stylist, you can get the desired hairstyle within no time.


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    Lordhair, for the better you!