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    10 Wig Hairstyles For Round Faces to Look Like a Diva

    IMAGINE waking up everyday an hour early in the morning just to style your hair! Equally difficult is finding the perfect wig for your face type. Choosing a suitable wig for round faces is extra difficult since not every other hairstyle goes with it.


    Since Lordhair offers solutions for hair as well as styling, we thought it would be great to list out the best wigs and hairstyles for round faces. We present to you the best 10 wigs & hairstyles for women with round faces.


    Ladies, get ready to look like a diva!


    Shaggy Bob


    This hairstyle for round faces works great  for extra chubby cheeks. Shaggy Bob cut is perfect for natural hair texture rather than purely straight or curly hair. It for sure gives a classy look to a woman having a round face.


    Length of this hairstyle is not much longer. The maximum it can reach is your shoulder. If you are someone who wears wig on daily basis, this hairdo is perfect for you. You can consider it as a great summer hairstyling tip too!


    Faux Hawk


    An idol hairstyle of a woman's wig for round face is one that adds length to her face making it look longer and slimmer. Faux Hawk fits the description perfectly. It is a short length hairstyle which is both comfortable, easy to carry and for sure will make your face look more attractive. The best part of this wig hairstyle is that it only requires styling product like hair cream or gel and a comb. So, if you already have a wig with short hair length, this wig hairstyle for round faces is not going to cost you more.


    Voluminous Waves


    Selecting a volumized hairstyle is a great decision to make while buying wigs for a round face. This hairstyle will seize the round look of your face and in addition to that, will make your personality look more bold and vibrant. It looks better with a longer wig hair length. Voluminous Waves deal with wavy hair that are high in volume and usually parted from the center. It can be a perfect look for parties and other celebrations.


    Long hair with Layers


    You must already be familiar with this hairstyle. In this, the hair is styled by cutting it in layers. This hairstyle of women's wig for round face will make you look and feel like a diva walking the red carpet. This adds a bit of volume in your hair and long length will help your face look more elongated. While choosing this type of wig, be sure that layers don't end exactly at your chin as it will make your face look more round.


    Curly Hair


    Yes, a simple yet the best hairstyle of wigs for round faces. Curly hair never gets out of trend and are perfect if volume is what you are after. It is recommended to keep the length longer with your curly hair or else it would give a frizzy look. Curly hair is a bit hard to manage but with proper styling tips and tricks, you can easily rock this hairstyle. Also, it's a great time to shift from your straight sleek hair to sassy curly hair. Go for it!


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    Middle Parted


    It’s an effortless hairstyle and can go along with any hair type (straight or curly). All you need to do is partition your hair from the middle. This will make your face look oval rather than round. The hair on both sides of your face will give a sleek and slim look. You can enhance this style through blow drying your hair. The same would add a bit of volume in your hair and a great wavy texture.


    Ballerina Buns


    A perfect blend of classy and effortless hairstyle. This diva hairstyle for round face is totally easy. For people who already have wigs with long hair, this hairstyle is amazing for them as all they have to do is make a high bun on the head and that's it! The high bun will add to the length of your face and also give you a lady-like look. If you want a more funky look, give your bun a messy feel. This messy touch will only add to your gorgeous look.


    Pineapple Pony


    This look is our personal favorite since this is the cutest one on our list and many celebrities have also been spotted in this hairstyle. Pineapple Pony is a perfect women wig hairstyle for round face because it draws entire attention of a person on top of the face, making it look slimmer and longer. This hairstyle works best with longer hair. You can either keep your hair straight or give them a soft wavy look. Both will glam up the wig hairstyle amazingly.


    Long Straight Hair


    Straighten your hair and slay your style. This woman's wig hairstyle for women is forever. Long, sleek and straight hair will give a vertically longer look to your face. You will love this look as it can never go wrong with any outfit ever. Whether you are going to office or club, this will glorify any look you would pick for the day giving, your face a flawless look.


    The Pompadour



    This hairstyle is not meant for men; it gives a unique, bold and fierce look to a woman too. The Pompadour for round face women wearing wigs can rock their personality. It has very short hair on the side of the head while the middle or above hair is longer and folded backward giving a puffy and volumized look. This hairstyle is also awesome to add some length to your round face.


    Here were 10 stylish hairstyles of wigs for women with round face. Styling your wigs is really important as your hair contributes to your overall personality. But before focusing on hairstyle, take some time to find the right wig for yourself. Our range of hair systems are completely customizable and can be tailored to carry literally any hairstyle you want.


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    Hairstyling Endnote


    It can be a challenge for women to buy wigs for round faces when they are not sure what type of hairstyle will work best for them. And this is exactly what we aimed to resolve through this blog. Whether you are struggling with hair loss or simply need wigs for styling, Lordhair can design the perfect ones for you!


    Lordhair suggests you to opt for natural human hair wigs. With its natural styling tendency, this wig can be styled easily just the way you want without any need to visit a stylist.


    All you have to do is explore our hair system catalog and order your wig online. Got questions to be answered before making a purchase? Email us at support@lordhair.com and get your queries answered by our hair experts.