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    Extreme Hair Loss – 10 Useful Hair Care Tips & Practices for Men

    The internet is filled to the brim with content related to hair care tips for men but men still find it hard to cope with extreme hair loss. Hair is one of the most defining features for men & that's why it's highly essential to take good care of it. Like women, men too become super-anxious when they start losing their precious hair and we completely understand the pain.


    That's why our team undertook extensive research about hair problems men face & came up with 10 highly useful hair-care tips for men. These hair-care tips and hacks for hair growth will surely help men (with short hair or long hair) stop hair fall and will also promote natural hair growth.


    Hair Loss


    Let's look into the list of top 10 hair-care tips for men to beat extreme hair loss:


    Wash Hair Correctly

    The first hair-care tip for men is about being gentle to your hair. Be wary of over washing your hair as it results in removal of natural oils from your hair which are needed for hair growth. You don't want to do that now. Do you?

    Washing hair two or three times a week is a great idea. Avoid using too much shampoo. Men must understand the nature of their hair and make sure they are being washed with the right hair products. Different types of hair require different kinds of shampoo and conditioner. For instance, oily hair needs shampoo created for oily hair.

    Also, don't forget to take good care of the scalp. Focus on thoroughly washing it. That's where your hair growth begins.


    Use the Right Conditioner

    It's a known fact that a conditioner strengthens your hair and gives it a shiny and healthy look by removing pollutants in hair. There are a plethora of hair conditioners for men which contain a healthy amount of nutrients and they do work wonders for men going through extreme hair loss. Using the right conditioner is one of the most common hair care tips for men that really work.

    Now, if you're missing out on applying a conditioner alongside your shampoo, then, you must get into the habit of doing it to avoid hair damage. Add a good conditioner to your shower routine and you will notice the improved look and feel of your hair. Again, use a conditioner that matches your hair type.



    Wash Hair in Proper Water Temperature

    Who doesn't love taking a steaming hot shower? We all do but washing hair with extremely hot water can damage your scalp and hair, particularly to the tips.

    Pouring hot water on hair can take away the natural oils of your hair which are essential to stop your hair and scalp from drying out. Men hair experts suggest washing hair with cold or lukewarm water.

    Pro tip - While showering with hot water, you should consider turning down the water temperature when the hair washing part comes.


    Dry Hair Properly

    Men usually dry their wet hair by rubbing hair vigorously with a towel. Honestly, that's the worst thing to do with hair. That actually can cause more damage than extreme hair loss in long run.

    Due to the texture of a towel, excessive rubbing can potentially harm your hair and can result in damaged cuticles and possible split ends. For better hair health, you should avoid excessive rubbing of hair against a towel.

    It's better to shake off excess water and "pat dry" your hair. Being gentle is the key. You should then grip your hair with a towel and softly pull it through your hair from the root to the end, one section at a time. This is one of the most useful hair-care tips for men with both long and short hair.  


    Be Careful of Wet Hair

    This hair-care tip is for men with long hair. Avoid brushes and use a wide-toothed comb for brushing hair and be gentle when getting out any tangles. Hair is more vulnerable when it is wet. They become more susceptible to breakage and damage from heating. On top of that, pulling on the hair strands is more likely to damage wet hair than dry.

    Thinking further about hair-care for hair fall, it's not a good idea to go to bed with wet or damp hair as this can weaken the hair follicles over the course of the night.

    For men who have taken too much hair loss damage, non-surgical wig is a great solution to fight baldness. Check out this amazing ultra realistic hair pieces


    Eat Well & Live a Stress-Free Life

    Hair is made of proteins so it goes without saying that eating healthy and getting the right amount of vitamins will strengthen your hair and help maintain its appearance. Add lean protein-rich food, fruits, and vegetables to your diet for maintaining good hair health.

    For your life in general and for the sake of your hair, avoid stress. Find something to do to keep your life free from stress and to maintain healthy hair as well as to prevent the onset of extreme hair loss.

    Practice yoga or meditation to calm your mind or you could go out for fishing with your buddies. Isn't it a great buddy-reunion idea hidden in a hair care tip?



    Pay a Visit to Hair Specialist

    Extreme hair loss could be something other than just genes. So, it's highly recommended to seek advice from a trichologist (a hair and scalp specialist) who could bring out underlying medical conditions (if any). Disorders like Hormone imbalances, autoimmune disorders, treatments and medications for illnesses, various skin conditions, and genetic predispositions are all probable culprits of hair loss.

    Besides medical treatment, a hair specialist will be able to recommend certain lifestyle changes that can help you maintain good hair health.


    Consider Alternative Therapy

    Plenty of men advocate ‘going natural’ for hair growth. That might mean massaging certain essential oils into your scalp or even letting (lukewarm) coffee soak into your scalp before washing it out! This is called Chinese acupuncture and this works wonderfully.

    The idea of having needles inserted into you is not to everyone's liking but acupuncture is said to stimulate your hair follicles by increasing the blood flow and qi or energy distribution around your head. This is most atypical but highly effective hair care tip for men to accelerate hair growth and to prevent further hair fall.

    These are the top hair care tips for men that will help fight against extreme hair loss. For those who have taken too much damage on their crown, we have something more.  


    Get The Right Trim

    When extreme baldness strikes, it is really hard to generate immediate results and check further hair loss. When your hair is weak or damaged, it is simply silly to keep them long. So, go for a trim to minimize the strain on your hair. Keep your hair short or simply shave your head to experiment with your look and give your scalp the time to recover.

    Celebrities, sportsmen, and businessmen struggling with hair fall go for specific hairstyles to get the eyeballs away from the balding area. Some of the most popular cuts for extreme hair loss are buzz cut, short Caesar cut, and shaggy layers.

    Announcement: We are planning a dedicated post on ‘hairstyles perfect for balding men’. Stay with us!


    Sport a Hair System or Toupee


    Used by one-fourth of people (mostly men) struggling with extreme hair loss, hair system has emerged as a perfect solution for men suffering from hair-loss since it doesn't require any invasive surgical procedure to get better results that risky and expensive hair transplantation.


    Hair systems are modern-day wigs that are made of 100% real human hair and give your hair a natural & realistic look. They can be worn over the bald area on the head and can seamlessly blend in with your hair on the back and sides. Simply attach the hair system to your head with glue or tape and you are good to go. You can sleep, do sports or even swim wearing them. In short, hair systems help you live the life you normally live with the full head of natural hair. Isn't it amazing?


    Before After Hair System


    Hair systems are so good that even Batman wears it? Don't believe us then this super interesting article on male movie stars you didn't know wear wigs will definitely make you believe it.


    Whether you are after hair care tips for men or hair care hacks for hair fall, we hope you found this article useful. Battling with hair-loss is hard and in most cases the self-esteem destroying condition makes men consider risky & expensive surgical procedures like hair transplantation.


    Non-surgical procedures like hair systems have been doing wonders for years and helping men get back their lost self-esteem. Being 100% riskless and totally undetectable, hair system has become the foremost choice among men battling extreme hair loss.


    Want to share your favourite hair care tip and hack with amazing men out there? Leave a comment below and we’ll consider it for inclusion!


    Want to discuss your hair loss problem with hair experts? Shoot us an email at support@lordhair.com to get friendly advice and discuss what kind of hair system would be most suitable for you.


    Follow Lordhair on Instagram to get your Insta feed filled with super interesting hair care tips and unbelievable hair stories!