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    Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men & Women to Beat Hair Loss

    Men and women used to look for hair loss treatments around their thirties but diet and lifestyle changes are triggering hair loss sooner. Men and women are nowadays experiencing hair loss in their early 20s. No wonder the search for best hair loss treatments for men and women is on an all-time high.

    Hair loss and thinning may result due to many factors like, illness, emotional trauma, puberty, poor diet, genetic factors, age, hormonal changes, etc. While taking timely preventive measures is the best way to treat hair loss, sadly not all types of hair loss is preventable.

    Today, Lordhair is here to share some of the most popular treatments for hair loss widely used by males and females struggling with hair loss and hair thinning problems. Let’s start by listing out the hair loss solution that is pain-free, less expensive, and has almost zero side effects:


    Using hairpieces or hair systems

    Non surgical hair replacement systems are gaining popularity as the best and safest hair loss treatment option for men and women. Modern hairpieces for men and women are extremely natural looking and made of human hair to give the best experience. Modern hair systems are nothing like the traditional toupees which were notorious for being unnatural.

    Hairpieces are perfect for people struggling with chronic hair loss and age driven hair loss. Top quality hair system manufacturers supply wide range of stock and custom hair systems made of both synthetic and human hair crafted specifically according to your need. These hair systems are in huge demand all over the world because:


    • Being a non-surgical hair loss solution, there is no risk of scarring, infection or anaesthetic danger.
    • This hair loss treatment gives instant results. Unlike surgical procedures, it doesn’t take months to show results.
    • The popular hair loss treatment for men is Reversible in nature. Meaning, it can be easily replaced if does not satisfies you.
    • Hair systems come at an affordable price, with an average cost of $300. Very cheap in comparison to hair transplant surgery which usually costs more than $5000.


    The only possible minor disadvantage of using non-surgical hair replacement systems for your hair loss treatment is that they require timely maintenance and replacement after 3-4 months.

    Check out natural looking human hair toupees & hair systems for males and females!


    Taking hair loss medications

    Hair loss medications can be brought over the counter quite easily and quite affordable as well. This hair loss treatment is popular amongst men and women who just started shedding their much beloved hair. Most of the medications to treat hair loss come in the form of oral pills and foams. The most commonly used medications for hair loss treatments are Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia).


    • MINOXIDIL (Rogaine) - Originally developed to treat hypertension, the medication showed the side effects of hair growth. Minoxidil widens the hair follicle making the strands thicker. Some men and women have reported facing side effects like burning sensation, redness and itching in the treated area, and unwanted hair growth in other parts of body. Hence, using this hair loss treatment must be preceded with doctor consultation.


    • FINASTERIDE (Propecia) - Originally developed to treat prostate cancer, this hair loss treatment for men prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth by decreasing the level of DHT (androgen that causes hair thinning). Despite of being a good hair loss treatment for males and females, it may cause side effects like skin irritation, nausea, impotency and fatigue.


    hair loss treatments men women


    There are many other medications, gels, and creams that claim to work for hair loss but their popularity is not as big as the above two. That said, most medications come with their own share of side effects which can be critical something.  Lordhair highly recommends consulting your doctor before using them.  


    Undergoing hair transplant surgery

    Surgery is yet another hair treatment for hair loss. The hair transplant surgeries work well for both men and women with limited hair loss. In case chronic hair loss, hair transplant rarely works. This surgery involves extraction of donor hair from one part of the body known as the donor site, and transplanting them to a bald or balding part of the body known as the recipient site.

    This is a fruitful hair loss treatment for men suffering from male pattern baldness which is limited in nature. The foremost feature of hair transplant surgeries is that the results look natural but it comes at a huge financial cost and associated risks. Below are the reasons most people drop the idea of hair transplant surgery for hair loss treatment after some research:


    • 1.Shock loss or temporary thinning of hair.
    • 2.Post-surgery pain and headaches.
    • 3.Swelling on the head, eyes and face.
    • 4.Risk of infections and scarring.
    • 5.Very expensive, can cost more than $10,000.


    The solution to a bad hair transplant surgery is another hair transplant surgery, which does not sound like a good idea. Read hair surgery horror story.

     hair loss treatment men best


    Using laser combs or helmets

    This hair loss treatment procedure is quite new and has not yet gained widespread popularity. The low-level laser device known as laser combs is the latest innovation for best hair loss treatments. Laser combs supposedly treat hereditary hair loss in men and women. The device uses low-level laser light to elevate blood circulation to the hair follicles and part the hair to prevent hair from obstructing the light from reaching the scalp.

    While Laser combs are handheld devices that ought to be used like a comb by men or women struggling with hair loss, laser helmets are worn like a helmet. In case you have bald patches or spots that are smooth and shiny, then, this hair loss treatment product for men and women is not for you since it cannot reverse balding.


    Taking hair therapies

    Some hair loss treatments also include therapies led by specialists. Hair loss therapies are a specific combination of drugs, serums, massaging creams, and shampoos that prevent the thinning of hair and hair loss. The specialists prescribe required combination of treatment required by the patient depending on the symptoms and cause of baldness.

    Hair therapies are very case specific and not a works-for-all solution. This hair loss treatment for men and women is also not for people who have experienced chronic hair loss or have lost most of their hair to ageing.

    hair loss treatment female best


    Using best hair health practices

    For people struggling with hair loss at a young age, dietary, lifestyle, and wellness changes can work in curbing the hair fallout. Below are some of the hair loss remedies that are completely natural and perfect if you have just noticed that your hair is not as strong or thick as they once were:


    • Add more fruits, vegetables, and nuts to your diet. Almonds, green tea, and Greek yogurt are pretty helpful in maintaining hair health.  


    • Use shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. Consult a dermatologist to pick the right products.  


    • Using coconut milk, aloe vera, and Indian lilac to treat your scalp can work wonders.


    Read this post to discover more hair friendly foods, products, and wellness habits for men and women!


    Treat chronic hair loss without surgery & risks

    Chronic hair loss and age triggered baldness is hard to treat without risks. That’s why men and women across the world are using 100% human hair hairpieces to treat chronic hair loss. LordHair has been manufacturing and supplying top quality yet affordable hair replacement systems for more than a decade now.

    Being the leading non surgical hair solutions brand in the world, we design and ship hair systems tailored to unique head measurement and style requirements of our clients in over 200 countries. Our hair systems are equally popular amongst men as well as women. Connect with us at support@lordhair.com to discuss your hair goals or call +86 532 808 28255 to speak with our team.