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    Experiencing hair system shedding? Here is how you should go with it!

    Just like with our own hair, the hair of hair systems also inevitably sheds as they are used along the way. While moderate hair system shedding is completely normal for most cases, there have been a small number of hair system wearers that witnessed fast and massive hair shedding of their hairpieces, even though no manufacturing defects of any kind was ever found.  So why is that the case exactly? And what could they have done to prevent such abnormal and perplexing hair shedding from happening in the first place? To help you solve this puzzle, our Lordhair product specialists have gone to great lengths in looking into this subject and managed to figure out the most common causes behind it, as well as the most effective and practical ways to deal with it. 


    Let’s go over them one by one and you might find some of the causes resonant with your own experiences and some of the solutions applicable to how you should keep it company.



    1. Water damage

    While washing your hair system regularly is essential to keeping it clean and neat, excessive and continuous water contact can make your hair system more vulnerable to hair shedding, especially if it comes with a thin skin base. Long time soaking in liquid can make the base tend to swell, and in turn causing the knots to become loose and break faster than otherwise would be. So it is highly recommended to wear a swimming cap whenever you go swimming to keep the water at bay. This is particularly important if you swim in the sea as the salt can further erode the hair roots, making them more prone to hair shedding.


    swimming cap


    2. Improper washing and drying

    Please always wash your hairpiece with warm water and apply both shampoo and hair conditioner. Water of very high temperature can deform the hair system base while cold water makes it hard for the shampoo and hair conditioner to fully dissolve. Please do not rub the hairpiece when drying it. It’s advised to gently press each part on a towel to absorb the water before using a hairdryer at low setting to blow dry it. And lastly, place it on things such as a mannequin head to air dry. It is very critical not to turn your hairdryer to high setting as the heat can make your hair brittle and prone to breakage by damaging the hydrogen bond inside the hairs in support of hair strength and tenacity. Lastly, it is unnecessary to wash your hair system everyday and 2-3 times a week is seen as the idealist frequency of washing.


    Check out the video below from Lordhair that will show you a thorough and effective hair system cleanup routine:


    3. Improper ways of combing

    Just like hair system washing, the right combing technique makes up a very indispensable part of hair system maintenance routine as well. As opposed to using a regular comb to comb your own hair, a wide-toothed comb turns out to be the best option for combing your hair system! Hair tangling is likely to happen over time. What most people do when this happen is to pull on the hair while combing it through, which reasonably results in a larger amount of hair shedding. The right way to deal with this problem proves to be using a wide-toothed comb to untangle the hair first, and use a regular brush to make the hair neat and straight again. Try to comb the hair gently starting from the roots towards the tips and never comb your hair when it is wet to avoid extra damages.


    wide-toothed comb


    4.Physical force

    This one also counts as a common contributor of hairpiece shedding since many people have the habits of scratching the head or pulling their  hair unconsciously. In addition to getting rid of such behaviors, it would be better for you to sleep without your hair system on as frictions against the pillow are also regarded as a form of physical force imparted to your hairpiece that does gradually loosen the knots, thus ending up with hair fall. Or you could resort to a silk pillowcase for sleep in the avoidance of detrimental frictions that are caused by regular pillowcases made of coarse fabrics.  


    physical force


    5.UV light

    As many people might not know, the UV light can cause your hair to fall by damaging the hair shaft through a process called oxidation. It happens when the UV light comes into contact with the oxygen molecules on your hair system, slowly changing the color of the hair while it is becoming weaker and more brittle. This impact is undoubtedly becoming more and more significant as the summer season approaches in most areas of the world, where the intensity of UV rays from the sun is reaching its peak. So we recommend you to wear something like a hat when you have to expose your hair to the sunlight for a long stretch of time. Or if you do not feel like covering your hair with such things, you could instead apply some UV-shielding hair protectant screen as you would use sunscreen to protect your skin from the heat and UV rays.


    UV light


    The above practically sums up the common causes behind hair system shedding as well as the measures to be implemented that work against them in the most effective ways.  As you can tell, they are all meant to account for part of your hair system maintenance routine. When carried out properly, you should not have any problem making the most of your hair systems by maximizing their lifespan. However, it is never reasonable to expect the hairpieces to last permanently no matter how well they are taken care of and how great the quality is. Because all hair system products come with a limited lifespan that varies mostly depending on the base material. For thin skin hair systems, the thicker the base, the longer the lifespan. And mono hair systems usually last longer than both thin skin and lace hair systems due to its stronger nature.


    Lordhair team is always happy and honored to assist you in solving any hair system matters. Whenever you are seeing abnormal hair system shedding in the future and are not sure about the causes, feel free to reach our hair system experts by emailing support@lordhair.com and we will help you out in the most professional and thoughtful ways!