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    Does Tim McGraw Wear a Toupee?

    tim mcgraw

    Country legend, Tim McGraw


    Tim McGraw is undoubtedly one of the most famous country music musicians in the entire world. His approachable demeanor and smooth singing style have won him thousands of devoted fans.

    McGraw's albums have regularly been at the top of the charts, thanks in large part to his ethereal voice and profound lyricism. In addition to his success as a musician and actor, he is also known for his appearances in the films The Blind Side and Country Strong. He has repeatedly proven that he deserves the title of country music's favorite son.

    What is also of great interest to people is finding out whether or not Tim McGraw is losing his hair. That’s why Lordhair - a leading hairpiece toupee brand - decided to share everything about Tim Mcgraw’s hair loss and address the rumors about him wearing a toupee for recovery. Read on!


    Meet Tim McGraw

    Tim McGraw is a well-known performer, songwriter, and actor from the United States. Tim McGraw was born on May 1, 1967, in the city of Delhi, Louisiana, United States. His father was a local baseball player who competed at a level that was considered to be semi-professional. Before deciding to pursue a career in music, Tim McGraw was also a baseball player who played both pitcher and catcher. His passion for music began at a young age, and he and his siblings would frequently sing together.


    tim mcgraw concert

    Tim McGraw and his signature look


    He began his performing career by playing at local clubs in his birthplace in Franklin, Tennessee, but he quickly relocated to Nashville to further his career as a musician. He was a member of the ‘90s country band, The Dancehall Doctors.  After that, Tim McGraw became a member of Highway 101, which is currently one of the most successful country groups. He has won seven Grammy Awards and has sold more than 15 million albums around the world.

    Today, he is a true legend in the world of country music, and the number of people who listen to him continues to grow. No wonder, our hearts literally stopped when he fell during a concert!

    The legendary status of the dashing musician is supported by the fact that two of his albums have been awarded the prestigious Diamond status. The fact that his songs have been covered by an overwhelming number of artists and shared all over YouTube is evidence of just how popular he is. Now, let’s figure out whether Tim McGraw is experiencing baldness.


    Is Tim McGraw Experiencing Hair Loss?

    Everyone must be aware that Tim McGraw is very rarely seen without a hat, regardless of where he travels or what he does. Some of his followers consider this habit to be part of his unique style, while others wonder whether  Tim McGraw is experiencing hair loss or thinning, which may be the reason he wears hats so frequently.


    tim mcgraw thin hair

    Tim McGraw's thinning hair


    When Tim McGraw is seen in public without his trademark hat, his naturally thin hair and receding hairlines are on full display. In spite of the fact that he has an entire team of hair and makeup artists working on his appearance before every public occasion, his temples are extremely noticeable.

    Tim has been very open about his journey to reduce his weight and improve his fitness, but he has never once brought up the subject of hair loss. Reportedly, he has shed over 40 pounds whilst embracing a fit and healthy lifestyle. A fit and healthy lifestyle includes diet.


    Check out these hair growth tips for men experiencing hair damage


    Does Tim McGraw Wear a Toupee?

    Nothing can be concluded with any certainty because the star himself has chosen not to confirm rumors of him wearing a toupee. Many admirers believe that his weight loss is the true adversary behind his thinning hair; however, nothing can be determined with any conviction because his hair is already thinning.

    Some people say he uses a hairpiece, while others think he has naturally thin hair that he covers up with his trademark cowboy hat. Either way, some people think Tim McGraw does wear a hairpiece. Regardless of what the facts are, Tim is a talented singer and celebrity who is held in high regard by all.


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    The Best Remedy to Balding and Hair Loss

    The loss of hair is a problem that many men take very seriously. The great news is there is an instant, non-surgical and completely safe remedy for hair issues and that is toupees!

    Let’s take a look at one such toupee – or, to give it its modern name, a hair system.


    Super thin skin hair replacement hair loss option for men

    Our SuperSkin-VM thin skin hair replacement system could be just what you’re looking for.  It has V-looped hair throughout meaning there are no knots wherever you look. That makes it great for realism. 

    When it comes to attaching this hair replacement system for thin skin, we suggest using liquid glue which is easy to use. The base size is 8 inches wide and 10 inches long which should fit most men who are suffering from your standard type of hair loss i.e. male pattern baldness. However, we also offer a base cutting service in the event that this size is larger than the area of your hair loss.

    lordhair superskin-vm

    The base of our SuperSkin-VM hair system


    Aside from that, we also offer a haircut service so that you can start using the thin skin hair replacement system as soon as it is delivered to your door. If you do not require either our haircut or base cutting service, your thin skin hair replacement system will be shipped to you in around 24 hours after payment. 


    Final Thoughts on Whether Tim McGraw Wears a Toupee

    Tim McGraw is well-known for his trademark cowboy hat that many feel he wears to mask his thinning hair. It could be that cowboy hat is how Tim McGraw chooses to deal with his hair loss but in actual fact, a toupee or hair system would be another – and we believe, better option. Lordhair offers a variety of toupees and hairpieces that can assist you in creating that perfect style. So, start that journey back to looking great with us! Reach out to us at support@lordhair.com or any of the ways listed below and we'll be more than happy to get you started. 



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