7 Side Effects of Rogaine to Consider Before Getting on it


Every medication has its share of side effects. From the good old Tylenol to sophisticated medications used for treating fatal diseases like cancer, all drugs come with side effects. And rogaine - a medication that helps people regrow hair on the scalp - is no different.

In this post, Lordhair will tell you about the side effects of rogaine one should consider before getting on the medication. First, let’s understand what exactly rogaine is! 

What is Rogaine? 

Rogaine is a topical medication used to stimulate hair growth among men and women suffering from hair loss. Also called Minoxidil, it increases blood flow to the hair by dilating the blood vessels in the scalp.

Trichologists are of the opinion that it usually takes several months to see Rogaine results. That’s because this medication for hair recovery starts a fresh anagen phase for some hair follicles. Drastic regrowth however is rarely seen in men with extreme hair loss.