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    Free Wigs for Kids: A Happy Story

    Free Wigs for Kids: A Happy Story


    Hair Systems for Children

    As part of Lordhair’s commitment to making our society a better place to be, we constantly look for ways to do our bit. As a high-quality hair system supplier, we are committed to helping bring back confidence to people suffering from hair loss, and to help them to define the version of themselves that they want to be.

    We, therefore, launched our Free Wigs for Kids Program as part of our effort to give back to the community. We are a global company and believe that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we endeavor to give back to communities.

    Young children are still developing and learning to interact with the world. For many young children feeling different from others can be detrimental to their confidence, they want to feel “normal” and fit in with other children. We, therefore, believe children are more susceptible to being affected by the opinions of their peers.

    We want to help children to feel more confident in themselves in their developing years when they just want to be free to make friends and live life, without worrying about their appearance. We know that for illnesses such as cancer, we are unable to help cure such devastating illnesses, but we wish to help children suffering from such illnesses in the area that we can, to help children forget the anxiety related to their appearance and concentrate on the important things in their precious lives.

    For young children suffering from medical conditions such as cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, or other illnesses, we decided to provide free fully customized wigs to children anywhere in the world.

    When ordering a men's hair system, in every box, you will find a small flyer that you can pass on to any child you know suffering from a hair loss condition. If you have a family member or family friend who is under 12 and suffering from medical-related hair loss, you can consult our Free Wigs for Kids page and share the link with them to get a customized hair wig free of charge. We want to provide every child with medical hair loss the opportunity to feel confident and free with their peers!


    childrens wigs

     childrens wigs


    Donating Free Wigs

    In Spring of 2021, one of our loyal customers, John (pseudonym), whilst browsing our website, stumbled upon the Lordhair page for our Free Wigs for Kids program. John is a long-time customer who has also felt the benefits of how a hair system can restore confidence in those suffering from hair loss. 

    He passed on the details to a family member suffering from a medical condition that causes hair loss and the family reached out to us at Lordhair. In the picture, you can see Abbie (pseudonym) is looking beautiful and confident in her children’s wig that she designed herself. We love how the wig looks on her, but what we love more is the huge smile that the medical wig has put on her face. We believe that whatever ones’ stage of life, no matter ones’ appearance, nothing beats a beautiful, beaming smile!


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