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    15 Causes of Hair Loss in Men & Illnesses That Trigger it

    Baldness not only takes away hair, but also hits self-esteem & confidence in men. That’s why there’s continuous research being conducted on causes of hair loss in men. Thinning of hair also affects professional life, majorly if you are young and work in entertainment and sales.


    Because hair loss is a very common problem these days, we will discuss hair loss causes in men along with illnesses that trigger the same. Here are the 15 major causes that lead to shedding of hair in male populace:


    Hormonal Imbalance


    Testosterone plays a vital role in the human body but when it gets converted into less beneficial dihydrotestosteron (DHT), it causes hair loss. Hair follicles are shrinked and as a result, thin strands of hair replace healthy hair. This condition is a major cause of hair loss in men and teenagers nowadays.




    In medical corridors, hair loss is associated with various illnesses, and stress is one of them. Hair loss due to stress may be temporary but it is not good at all. Stress can be triggered by work pressure, emotional distress, unhealthy relationship or any other reason. Changes in lifestyle and workplace demands in last 2 decades has hugely increased the cases of stress related illnesses in teenage and adult males.




    Itchiness in scalp is irritating, and both men & women face it. We scratch our scalp for relief but the result we get is flakes on our shoulders and damaged hair roots. It is a form of condition that results in hairfall and majority of men suffer hair loss due to dandruff.




    Metabolism in human body is controlled by thyroid gland, and it is the one which is responsible for body growth too. An imbalance in hormones may result in its malfunctioning, causing hair loss, especially in teenage males. It is a common cause of hair loss in men too.


    Over styling


    Not a illness per se but styling gels, sprays and colouring leads to hair loss if abused. Not all hair styling products available in the market are organic and skin friendly. They may contain harmful chemicals which results to hair loss and other scalp related diseases in men. These complications causes hair loss in youngsters.



    Lack of sleep


    It is scientifically proven that a good sleep is required for the body to relax and rejuvenate. On an average, 7-8 hours of sound sleep is must. Lack of sleep results in health complications and hair loss is considered a major side effect. Excessive late-night partying amongst teenagers and young adults is known to develop sleep complications & eventually hairfall.




    When hair falls in round patches on the scalp, Alopecia is commonly diagnosed illness by doctors. The main cause of the disease is stress which is quite prevalent in modern society. The condition may be temporary or may grow with age for men involved in stressful work atmosphere. The result is undoubtedly hair loss in men.


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    One of the most common causes of hair loss in men and teenage males is passed on genetically from the older generations to the younger one. It can be observed in the receding hairline in an individual. No matter when hair loss begins, it is a confidence stabber. So, a big chunk of male population can blame it on the genes.


    Inadequate diet


    An adult male requires 40-45 grams of protein daily to stay healthy. Lack of protein causes hair loss in men and teenage males. Its deficiency will result into deficiencies that causes hair loss. This is the reason hair experts suggest taking a balanced diet rich in proteins, fibers, and vitamins.



    Steroids & medication


    One of the main causes of hair loss in men is medication, especially in form of steroids. In order to tone their body, some growing men or teenagers take aid of supplements in form of steroids which later results in hair loss. Abuse of some medical drugs also cause hair loss and gives birth to hair related diseases.



    Scalp infection

    Besides dandruff, there are other fungal infections to which the scalp is prone to. It may be ringworm, and the same results in hair loss. There are many other scalp related infections that damage hair roots and leads to receded hairline. If you observe bald patches, excessive shedding or strange odor, consult your doctor immediately.



    Excessive Vitamin-A


    If protein deficiency can cause hairfall in men, excessive intake of vitamin A does the same. If the body is fed excessive Vitamin A, it will cause falling out of hair in men as well as teenage males. Even though Vitamin A is necessary for health of hair (and also skin, teeth, and bones), consuming more of it makes hair follicles go into overdrive which triggers hair loss.  




    Smoking is a major cause of cancer as it contains nicotine but it also contributes to premature greying and hair loss in men. Teenage males who are prone to smoking may start shedding hair at an early age and develop other illness too over the passage of time. Say no to smoking to ward off illnesses like cancer and hair loss!


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    Sensitive scalp


    A disease or medical condition is not necessary to cause hair loss in men. Sometimes, a sensitive scalp also struggles to retain hair. Redness, itchiness, and other elements represents a sensitive skin. Teenage males are often prone to hair loss due to sensitive scalp. Sensitivity of scalp is also aggravated by treatments like chemotherapy.  


    Surgery & prolonged illness


    Dramatic hair loss occurs after undergoing surgeries, medications, and radiation therapies, especially chemotherapy. Both men and women are vulnerable to hair loss due to the medical procedures.


    Hair loss recovery & insights  


    Hair loss is a natural occurrence but the situation becomes critical when it is continuous and rapid. This condition greatly affects an individual’s confidence, self esteem, zeal to work, enthusiasm and over all his outlook towards life. Thankfully, there are medical and cosmetic treatments for the above enlisted causes of hair loss.


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