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    Scalp Infections That Cause Hair Loss – Treatments Included

    There are many factors that contribute to hair loss, and scalp infection is one of them. It is normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair per day but excessive hair loss means there is something wrong. Scalp can become infected if bacteria or fungi enter through hair follicles or damaged skin. Such infection can become a major cause of hair loss.


    In this blog, Lordhair will tell you about the different types of scalp infections that cause hair loss and also list out treatments which will help you prevent hair loss. Read on!




    One of the common scalp infections that cause hair loss is Folliculitis.  Folliculitis is a skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed. Follicles are small skin cavities which let hair grow on the human body. Folliculitis can appear on any area of the human body but it most commonly affects arm, face and head. These are mostly caused by ingrown hair or sweat. Using hair products which may not suit your scalp can also cause infection which will result in Folliculitis.


    Folliculitis can result in itchiness, burning skin, pus-filled blisters, white headed pimples and small red bumps.

    Folliculitis cause hairloss 


    Treatment for Folliculitis


    If Folliculitis is located on your hairline area, wash it twice a day with antibacterial soap prescribed by your Dermatologist. Visit your doctor to get your folliculitis diagnosed and get the recommended medication.  Here are widely recommended home treatments for the hair loss condition:

      1. Wash your hair or scalp daily with lukewarm water as hot water may affect the infected area.
      2. Use cortisone cream since it will help you to soothe down the inflammation and scalp itchiness.  
      3. Try to put a limit on shaving your head. Make sure that your trimmer blade is clean and sharp.


    These scalp infection treatments will help you to eliminate the problem of Folliculitis which will lower the chances of hair loss.





    Most of the people think that ringworm is a worm but actually it’s a skin infection caused by Fungi that germinates in the dead tissues of the scalp and hair. It forms a bump that causes a circle-shaped patch on the scalp. Ringworm begins as the flat scaly areas on the skin which may get red and itchy. The area inside the circle is clear or scaly whereas outer area might be slightly bumped or raised. Ringworm spreads when a human comes in contact with other humans by touching. It can also be caused by touching animals that are already infected by ringworm.


    In some cases, ringworm causes a severe, painful inflammation on the scalp which causes swelling that drain pus. If it is not treated properly, it can cause hair loss.



    Treatment for ringworm  


    Treatment of ringworm is determined on the basis of infection severity. Visit a doctor to get your skin inflection diagnosed. Most probably, you will be given a lotion and few medications. Below are some home remedies to prevent the condition from spreading further:  



      1. Make sure to wash your scalp regularly.
      2. Don’t let others use your personal items like towels, clothes and handkerchiefs.
      3. Wash your hands often to avoid the infection.
      4. Tend not to touch animals that are already infected by ringworms. Getting in contact with them can spread ringworm to your body


    With these scalp treatment methods and precautions, you can eliminate your Ringworm problem completely and chances of hair loss on your scalp will get low.





    Scleroderma that affects scalp is referred as ‘En Coup De Sabre’. It is a condition in which skin hardens and tightens. According to medical science, Scleroderma affects women more than men and occurs between the ages of 30 to 50. The tissue beneath the thick skin disappears which leaves a line on the scalp and face. Scleroderma can cause hair loss on the scalp. One of the earliest symptoms is that the small blood vessels in your fingers and toes will get contract in response to cold temperature or emotional distress. Your fingers and toes will get swollen or numb.

    Treatment of ringworm 


    Infection treatment for scleroderma


    Scleroderma is a complex medical condition that can affect your multiple organs. Hence, it is best to visit a doctor as soon as you come across symptoms that are similar to this disease.

        1. Steroid creams and pills may help you to decrease the swelling and pain.
        2. Medications will help you to prevent lung and kidney problems that are caused by Scleroderma
        3. Physical therapy will help you to eliminate Scleroderma problems on your scalp.


    With these scalp treatments, you can try to eliminate the problem caused by Scleroderma resulting in hair loss.


    Are you struggling with chronic hair loss? Use medical wigs to fight it!





    Pediculosis is another common infection caused by lice on our head. Lice are small parasites that are found on the head of the people and body of livestock. These wingless parasites live in the hair of your head and sucks blood from the scalp. Lice infestation is very common since ancient times. This problem can be mostly found among children. A person who comes in contact with someone who already has lice in his head has a chance to get his head infested. Lice are smaller than Louse. Their bite can cause itchiness and red bumps on your head. Such bumps results in hair loss.



    Skin infection treatment for Pediculosis

    Unlike other scalp infections listed in this blog, this one is not very serious. Use the below mentioned home treatments to fight Pediculosis:

        1. Use a fine tooth comb or flea comb to kill lice on your head
        2. Get a shampoo and conditioner that are used to kill lice prescribed by dermatologist.
        3. Stop sharing your combs, brushes, hats and clothes with others as sharing these will transfer lice from already infected heads.


    These treatments will definitely help you to prevent the infection caused by Pediculosis on the scalp.



    Scalp Acne 

    We have heard that Acne occurs mostly on the face, back and chest. But sometimes we feel the same pain on our scalp while brushing our hair or rubbing our head. Acne on scalp can cause small and itchy pimples which can also become sore and crusted. Popping them or Hiding them with the cap or hat can make the situation worse. Blocking of hair follicle by the oil can form a pimple. A pimple on your head is caused by dirty hair or by using hair products like gel, wax and hair color.


    Skin Infection Solution for scalp acne  


    While this condition is a major embarrassment, it is not a serious medical condition and recovery is possible by taking some precautions and medications. Below is what we recommend:


      1. Remove dirt and oil from your scalp by using mild shampoo which contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid deep cleans the scalp and shed the dead skin.
      2. Take antibiotics which will make the pimple dry. It will help you to eliminate the pain caused by pimples.
      3. Avoid brushing the area near Acne. There is also no need to put pressure on your head while shampooing it.
      4. Visit your dermatologist for medicine advice


    Following these treatments will help you in eliminating the acne problems on your scalp and will prevent the hair loss.



    Above are the common scalp infections that cause hair loss. Using the above hair recovery solutions and treatments will not only help you to eliminate these problems but it will also make you feel your best self.


    Do you want a full head of hair but are afraid of hair transplant? Lordhair provides you the easiest and pain-free hair recovery solution. We create custom hair systems that are designed with your unique needs in mind. And the best part is that most of our products come with 30 day money-back warranty!


    Are you going to buy your hair system for first time? We will answer all your queries on support@lordhair.com 



    Lordhair, for a better you!