How to Distinguish Human Hair From Synthetic Hair

As we all know, 100% human hair is admired by people who want to order a hair replacement system (except synthetic grey hair). But how to tell the difference between them, it is a question. Here below we will tell you methods to distinguish human hair from synthetic hair.

1. Look

By watching the glossiness, one can primarily tell the difference. The synthetic hair looks very shining and glazed, but the human hair looks just the same as our own hair, maybe not as shining as synthetic.

2. Touch

When you touch human hair, it feels really smooth and soft. But for synthetic hair it feels a little bit hard, and there is no movement when the wind blows. And also the tip will become curly after long time use.

3. Burn

Some factories also mix synthetic hair with human hair. In this case you can not easily tell by just looking and touching. The simplest way to do is to cut off a small bunch of hair and burn them with the lighter. The 100% human hair will turn into ash when burn and smells like burning woolen. But the synthetic hair will stuck and glued when burn and send out pungent odor like burning plastic.




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