When you order a hairpiece off the shelf, the base size may not fit you just right. If the base size of the hairpiece is bigger than what you need, you will need cut it before attaching it to your head. Below are a few steps to guide you through the process.



A pencil (erasable pencil is better), a measuring tape, a tail comb, a pair of scissors, hair clips, and of course a mannequin head.



Drawing the Size on Base

If you have a template, you can cut the base size according to the template.


If you don’t have a template, then you need to use a measuring tape to decide on the base size. For example, if the original base size of the hair system is 8” wide and 10” long, but you need a base size of 6” wide and 8.5” long.


Put the hairpiece on the mannequin head, base side up. Measure from the left side 1” and mark a point with the pencil. Do the same from the right side. Then the width of the center part is 8”-1”-1”=6”.



Measure from the back 1.5” and mark the point with the pencil.


Draw a line along the three points (at left, right and back).



Extend the line from the sides to the front edge.


Double check if the measurements are correct.


Cutting the Base

Insert the tail of the tail comb into the hair and go through along the line you drew. Thus the hair will be parted along the line. The key point is that the tip of the tail press against the base tightly.



Turn the hairpiece over and you can part the hair along the line easily. Use the comb tail to part the hair completely along the line - no hair across the line. This is important to make sure you will not cut the hair when cutting the base. You can also use a needle to part the hair when only a few strands of hair still across the line.



Use the clip(s) to fix the hair on one side or both sides per your need. Then cut the base along the line (parting).




When you cut the base, the hair on the line will be cut, so remove the hair with your fingers after cut.

Rub off the pencil line.


Now the base size is exactly what you need.



If the crown area will be cut off when you only cut from the back, then you can leave more in the back and cut the front a little from the front. Thus, you will keep the crown area.


If you have any further questions with about base size cutting, please feel free to email support@lordhair.com


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