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Hair Shaving Mold

The haircut mold is used as a tool to assist you in precisely shaving your head before wearing your hair system.

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Which of the following front contours do you want for your hair system?

  • A (between AA and CC)
    A (between AA and CC)
  • Standard (Between A and CC)
    Standard (Between A and CC)
  • CC (round shape)
    CC (round shape)

Kindly note that for orders requiring cut-to-size services, shipping will be about 2-3 days after your order is completed.

  • Yes, cut to my size


We can customize a haircut mold for you if you have any trouble shaving your head into the right size before wearing your hair system. Simply indicate the shape and detailed size of the mold you want, so we will cut it out for you!

Watch how to use the mold to shave your head before attaching a hair system!


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