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    Our Three Most Frequently Asked Questions




    There’s no doubt that you’ll have quite a few questions when you’re considering buying your first hair system from us. There’s a lot to consider. Even the name hair system will probably be new to you although we covered that in an earlier blog.  Just what is it that customers want to ask us though? Below are what we would say are your three most frequently asked questions and their respective answers. Age or location does not seem to matter; people always seem to want to know the answers to these questions:


     1.      How long do your hair systems last?

    There’s no one answer we can give here, I’m afraid. All hair systems differ. We don’t like to give a definitive answer when durability also depends on how well you as individual look after your hair system and on your own body (if you produce a lot of natural oils for example, then they will damage your hair system more quickly). To give you a general example though, let’s consider the S22 from our range of men’s stock hair systems. This has a base made entirely of  an ultra-thin skin with a thickness of just 0.03mm. Highly realistic but not long-lasting as these hair systems will only last about a month. Then on the other side of the spectrum, you have something like the F27. Not so realistic but long-lasting. Possibly six months and beyond. Best decide on whether a natural appearance or durability is more important to you and we can go from there with recommendations and an approximate timeframe of how long your hair system could last.


    2.     Do you ship to _____insert your own country here______ ?

    Yes, we do. We ship worldwide. For orders over $110 we offer free (yes, free) shipping. We ship our products via DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS and other international carriers. As long as they can reach you, then we can reach you.

    That said, if you don’t see your location on this list of over 200 worldwide locations then please get in touch with us before you place your order.


     3.      How long will it take to receive my hair system?

    If you’re just talking about shipping time then the answer is not very long. Within a week. Maybe only 3 days. The international couriers we use (see above) ship to most countries within 3-5 business days so that's what you can expect. Our stock hair systems can be shipped out the very same day. However if you’re talking about the production time of custom hair systems then we suggest you consult this table:



    Just remember that production time refers to the time taken to make your hair system. It does not include:

    -         Consultation time

    -         Time sending in base moulds, hair samples etc.

    -         Shipping


    Also, bear in mind that more complicated custom hair systems i.e those with a silk-top or extra-long hair will require more time to make.  


    So, to recap the answers to our three most frequently asked questions:

    You can find several more FAQ here. We fully understand that new buyers may have lots of questions and we are more than happy to answer them and reassure you. We can be contacted in a variety of ways, from our website to our social media pages to Skype, so please just feel free to get in touch.