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    7 Amazing Wigs for the Beach Wave and Curl Look


    Beach waves are one of the most iconic hairstyles that seem easy to accomplish but in reality, achieving loose waves that are “undone in an effortless way" is surprisingly tricky. 

    That’s why Lordhair - a global supplier of women's wigs and men’s hairpieces - decided to share an exquisite collection of beach curl wigs designed to bring the warmth and charm of the sea directly to your look.

    Designed using Lordhair’s modern processes, these wigs have been meticulously crafted to provide you with the perfect beach-inspired hairstyle. Let’s discover the products now! 


    Beach Curl and Wave Wigs for Men

    Note: Lordhair offers a perming service at a very affordable price and all of the below stock hair systems can be permed to get your perfect beach wave look and curls. Also, be mindful of the fact that our stock images do not always depict curly hair since by default, our stock hair systems do not have curly hair. The wave and curly look will be delivered post-order.

    Finally, please also note that these days a wig is also commonly referred to by men as a hairpiece, toupee, or hair system.


    15mm Curl: Beach wave wig for men

    Where better to start than with one of our real hair wigs that is made with curls? Our 15mm curl wig is designed especially to achieve a beach-inspired hairstyle. The wig construction consists of the same base design as our SuperSkin-V stock hairpiece. That is to say, it has a transparent super thin skin base with V-looped hair all over. This SuperSkin-V base design renders the wig highly realistic.

    Additionally, the availability of this beach curl wig in various dark hair colors makes it perfect for a wide range of dark-haired individuals. 


    beach curl wig


    20mm Curl: Beach curl wig 

    Plenty of beach curl lovers experiencing hair loss love our 20mm curl wig and there are several reasons behind it. It is a high-quality beach wave wig designed especially for individuals who want to achieve a beach curl aesthetic look but are not able to achieve it either due to their natural hair type or due to their hair loss experiences. 

    Made with 100% real human hair, this 20mm curl hair wig has the same base design as the previously mentioned 15mm curl hair wig. This wig is again available in various dark colors. 


    beach curl wig


    Champion: Beach wave wig

    Individuals who love customization in terms of perms but are also on the hunt for a good hair recovery solution for overcoming pattern baldness should definitely consider this beach wave wig for men. The specifications of the Champion lace wig are just as its name suggests - Champion! 

    It has a full French lace base that is breathable and comfortable - ideal for summer and beach time. Getting a hyper-realistic beach-inspired look is not an issue with the Champion lace wig for men. It has human hair strands (any gray hair you choose will be synthetic apart from color #60) that feel and move just like real hair.  

    So, with the aforementioned perm service, our Champion wig will turn out to be a great beach wave hair wig for males. Or, because of its human hair, you will be able to curl the hair wig yourself.


    beach curl wig


    Neo: Beach wave toupee for males

    The Neo is a lace front wig for men that has a high-quality base made up of French lace at the front and on the top. For the remaining area, it has a thin skin perimeter. The Neo wig delivers on its commitment to authenticity by allowing you the freedom to wield styling tools like curling rods with finesse. Whether you desire curls for your beach look or just a sleek and straight look, this wig can deliver your aims.

    Talking about hair, the Neo lace front wig has our standard 5-inch long Indian human hair but what differs it from the rest of our stock range is its A-shape front contour that creates the illusion of age-appropriate recession. Lordhair also uses bleached knots at the front of this hairpiece and our other lace fronts meaning that no one will be able to tell that you are wearing a non-surgical hair replacement system


    beach curl wig


    Quanta: Beach curl wig

    Another of our best-selling premium French lace wigs, the Quanta wig is a perfect choice for men who want to conceal hair loss while staying in front of the hairstyling game. With a standard CC front contour, it has 100% human hair (gray hair is again synthetic) that looks hyper-realistic and offers you the versatility of changing your style from time to time. The graduated, bleached knot hairline gives a very natural hairline. 

    When it comes to specifications, this premium French lace wig has transparent thin skin on the back and sides. Remember, with the Lordhair perm service, you can achieve your desired beach curls for a small additional charge. However, kindly note that orders requiring our perm service require you to wait an extra few days before shipment.


    beach curl wig


    Champion Remy: Premium lace hair system

    Looking for a premium full French lace hair wig that is airy and comfortable? The Champion Remy hair unit is made for you. It has the same full French lace base as our Champion model so it is very breathable and has a light, delicate feel to it. The stitching lines that we have added to the Champion Remy hair wig for men increase durability and reinforce its shape. What separates it from its sister model is its superior quality Remy hair which means the hair will stay sleeker and softer for longer.

    Again, curl it as you wish or we can do it for you.


    beach curl wig


    Cosmos: Premium hairpiece for gents

    Since we’re talking about custom beach wave wigs, it would be unfair not to discuss our Cosmo hair toupee. The full super fine welded mono base with stitching lines makes this hair unit soft, featherlight, and comfy yet longer lasting than the previous hair systems we have mentioned since mono is a sturdier base material.

    We can happily add your particular curls or wave preference to the wig making it a perfect pick for the ones who are fond of beach-inspired hairstyles. If you require something more personal to you, then we can customize a Cosmo hair wig completely from scratch and add the curl and wave during production.


    beach curl wig


    Shop Beach Wave Wigs from Lordhair

    Above are the best beach wave wigs for men. Now that you know some of the finest options present in our catalog, we hope you can choose a premium beach curl wig that best serves your requirements. Keep in mind that it is all about what is perfect for you and what makes you feel comfortable and happy when wearing it.

    If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to drop the same in the comments section or reach out to our friendly team.