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    12 Wigs for Bald Men to Get Amazing Looks in 2021 [Updated]

    Millions of bald men across the globe wear wigs to fight hair loss. That’s because almost no hair recovery option out there works when hair thinning at crown reaches its advanced stage. To help bald men recover from chronic hair loss, we decided to create this blog and introduce the best hair wigs for bald men.


    Read on to discover 12 top-rated human hair systems for men who are fighting baldness. With us, a full head of hair isn’t a dream!


    S22-3: 0.03mm Ultra Thin Skin V-looped Hair System Set

    S22 has a 0.03mm wig comes with an ultra-thin skin base. This bald men’s wig is transparent, feels light and super comfortable. It has the thinnest skin amongst wigs available in the wig market. This property makes it undetectable. Because this hair wig for balding men comes with a short lifespan of one month, we advise customers to order multiple pieces of this hair system. The greatest advantage of this wig is zero maintenance as you will be wearing new hair every month!


    S22-6: 0.03mm Ultra Thin Skin V-looped Hairpiece

    S22, a micro skin base hair piece is nearly undetectable and imitates real human scalp. The S22 v-looped hairpiece comes without knots which makes this hairpiece feels like real hair coming out of the scalp. This is the reason it is preferred by men who are looking for wigs to cover their bald patches. Similar to the above hairpiece, the lifespan of S22 hairpiece is about 1 month. We recommend you to buy multiple hairpieces when ordering!


    S22-6: 0.03mm Ultra Thin Skin V-looped Hairpiece Set

    For men who are looking for a realistic finish, V-looped ultra transparent skin base is the best hairpiece. It feels great to wear this ultra thin, soft and comfortable men’s hair wig. Since its introduction, this wig has gained a lot of popularity and is one of our best sellers amongst wigs for bald men with Lordhair. It is an ideal product for customers who like to change their hairstyles frequently.



    S1: Super Thin Skin Stock Men's Hair Pieces

    Made from a transparent, super thin skin, S1 Thin Skin Stock men hairpiece makes your scalp looks like it was never bald. Known for its natural-like appearance and undetectability, this men’s wig is always in demand. S1 is considered best wig for bald men looking for easy attachable and cleanable hairpieces. These transparent wigs are not only durable but light too. Apart from slight breathability issue, this is a fine wig to wear.


    S1M: Super Thin Skin Medium Density Stock Hair System for Men


    This wig comes with a full super thin skin base supported with a natural front hairline. What makes this men’s wig different from S1 is its density. S1M is thin skin based medium density hairpiece. Use glue instead of a tape to attach it on your scalp.  This makes this bald men’s wig easy to wear and clean.

    Hair loss fighting


    Not sure how to buy the right wig for yourself? Check out our wig buying guide for beginners


    S7: Full French Lace Stock Hairpieces for Men


    Our S7 stock hairpiece for men is created from full soft French lace base. These men wigs come with reinforced stitching which makes them more durable. The quality of stitching on these hairpieces keep the system’ shape and contour intact. S7 bald men wigs support medium light density hair. The best thing about s7 is its breathability. It's completely breathable and promises utmost comfort! For men who are looking for a lightweight, natural-like wig, S7 is the best.



    African American Male Wigs with Breathable Full French Lace

    Made of 100% Chinese hair with curls of 4mm to provide a realistic finish, Lordhair’s African American Male wigs comes with breathable full French lace. This wig has medium light to medium density which gives a good amount of volume to your scalp and covers your baldness. This wig is perfect for men who want trendy African look as well as breathability. Moreover, this wig is also undetectable.


    Quantum Afro with Lace Front and Skin Back and Sides

    Quantum Afro is the ultimate wig for bald men who want African curls. It has the same base design as our Quantum stock men’s hairpieces. French lace lets air to pass through this wig with ease, making it highly breathable. This natural looking hair system is also one of our most practical men’s stock hair systems because of the thin skin back and sides. It’s very easy to attach and remove this hairpiece as well!


    Get a glimpse into Rick's full experience with Lordhair hair system and how he is impressed:


    Ultra Thin Skin V-looped Stock Toupee for Men

    S22 wig for bald men comes with high undetectability, durability and style. It’s feather light! 0.03mm ultra thin real touch skin makes you feel real hair on your scalp. V-loop method makes it easy to style your hair in any direction. This technique allows your hair to stand up straighter, which makes it easier to comb them. This ultra thin skin V-looped stock toupee for men combines transparent real touch skin, v-looped hair and natural hair line.

     hair replacement systems


    S1-INS: Super Thin Skin Flat Injected Stock Mens Toupee Wig

    Stock S1-INS is a super thin skin injected knotless men’s toupee. This bald men’s wig is ideal for men who prefer their hair to lie flat and not stick out. The best part about this men wig is its injection technique. Our hair experts ensure that the S1-INS toupee wig looks undetectable and this is achieved by its knotless technique. This toupee wig for men is easy to clean and attach.  Truly a high quality wig for bald men.



    Vigor-C clip-in hair system


    If you have hair left at the sides of your head, then, Vigor-C hair wig is the perfect pick for you. This hair system for bald men has been helping males across the globe get rid of hair loss for quite some time. Vigor-C is fitted with 4 durable clips ich make it easy to wear and remove the system. 


    The base of the Vigor-C hair wig for men is made of fine mono on top and French lace at the front. This hair replacement system is highly durable and comes in 20 unique colors. Pick the one that matches your original hair perfectly and get back your full head of hair!


    S2: Fine welded mono hair wig


    As another durable hair wig for bald men who want to buy a hairpiece that lasts long, the base of our fine welded mono hair wig is constructed using a full fine welded mono base of 8” x 10”. It maintains its original shape for a long time due to the stitching lines around the base. 


    S2 hair wig ranks high in breathability as well, making it the perfect pick for bald men who live in hotter regions or love to break a sweat. Another unique feature of this hair system is that it supports a variety of hairstyles, thanks to its freestyle feature. 


    These wigs for bald men will greatly improve your looks and bring back the lost confidence! Choose from Lordhair’s vast range of men wigs and hair systems and become the best version of you.


    Don’t let hair loss bother you! Say yes to real hair by opting for modern hair wigs! Order your first men’ wig for baldness and get full head of hair once again without painful surgery. Get your order shipped globally within no time and benefit from 30 day money back guarantee. Send in your queries to support@lordhair.com