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    Best Full Cap Wigs for Women New 2021 (Part 1)

    Best Full Hair Wig for Ladies New 2021

    wigs for women


    Included in this post:

    The Lordhair Ladies of 2021! Meet our new women's full cap wigs


    1. Diana > for those who want a bob with bangs
    2. Jasmine > for women who want a seductive, yet sweet textured bob

    In part 1, we will start by introducing Carmen, a gorgeous and modern side part closure wig. Click to buy Carmen!

    In part 2, we will introduce our next hot glueless full lace wig of 2021!


    Side Part Wig

    The side-parting has come and gone throughout the years. According to Allure magazine, Gen-Zs say the side-parting is out. The middle-parting/side-parting debate having ensued, let's look back through history at the side-parting, and let's not be so rash to cancel it just yet!

    The TikTok meme that has everyone talking: center-split or side-part - which do you prefer?

    tiktok womens wigs

    TikTok @mckenziekcole / TikTok @auntieamandalee


    Side-Partings in History

    From classic vintage hairstyles worn by the likes of Rita Hayworth, through to the pin-up icon Marilyn Monroe, through to pixie-cut 70's style, through to glamorous goddess Cindy Crawford, through to the minimalist 90's long cuts. The side-part has even made its way into the emo/skater-girl scene with dead-straight choppy layers.

    Finally, the 2010s and 2020s have seen a toned-done combination of the styles of by-gone eras. This style is embodied in medium-volume glamorous locks combined with a loose wave and a subtle (i.e. not extreme) side-parting.


    side hair history


    Don't get us wrong, we presented these women's hairstyles from history to show you - the side-part is not out! Though we are not proposing a return to the days of the extreme side-part by any means.

    At Lordhair, we have added a beautifully subtle side-part to our range of women's wigs, to give you the extra volume on top whilst having the flexibility to curl and pin it back. We recommend pulling out a few strands of your bio hair if you are pinning your hair to one side, to make it look more natural.


    Get yourself a side part lace front wig now at Lordhair


    Lordhair's Take on a Side-Parting

    Carmen is the Lordhair option for a women's side-part hair topper. Using 100% human hair you are going to get the swish and swoosh of real hair, and not the stiff 'crispiness' that you would with a synthetic one. That's also why you can style Carmen using heat tools and other products to create that voluminous 80s look, or create loose wavy curls like the top Insta stars of the 2020s.

    If you do want to curl the hair we recommend taking all the precautions you would when using such tools on live hair. Hair from a human-hair women's wig doesn't grow back, so extra special care needs to be taken to care for it!

    This wig uses 100% human hair which is straight and sleek and parted at the side for women who like to part hair asymmetrically to achieve their favorite hairstyle. The parting also achieves greater volume.


    wigs for women


    The hair comes delivered to you straight so you can style it however you like. Recreate the Insta loose wave look, or go all out in a Cindy Crawford-esque big bouncy wave. The asymmetrical parting of the wig also allows you to bring out the full effect of volume on top.

    One thing you might be worried about, and we definitely hear you on this, is the wig hairline and realism on the crown area. This author has extensive experience in using full cap human hair wigs and knows exactly what we women are rooting for (pun intended!) in a quality hair system. When searching for a full cap wig, we root out (sorry, pun not intended this time) anything that doesn't conform to the natural look we want. The giveaways are usually at the front hairline and crown area.


    We have dozens of lace wigs, check out the best pre-plucked full lace wigs at Lordhair


    That's why we decided to add a side part lace front wig with a lace front and crown base unit to our range. The lace front is one of the most popular options to create a natural front hairline. Lace allows for a more 'jagged' or 'scalloped edge that actually looks like the real hair does, whereby strands are not uniformly aligned. All you have to do is cut the excess lace to your liking and Carmen is ready to rock!


    womens lace wig


    So many women want to go for that ultra-blond look with a 613 full lace wig, this full lace wig install helps you achieve just that!

    There you have it, Lordhair's women's straight full lace wig with a side-parting. Don't need a full cap wig? Check out our women's hair toppers and partial wigs too.

    In part 2, we will discuss Diana, a straight, short bob full cap wig with bangs. Stay tuned for the post! By the way, you can buy glueless full lace human hair wigs now at Lordhair.


    About Lordhair

    Lordhair has been designing the best full cap wigs for more than a decade. Our wide range of hair replacement products brings real hair that guarantees a 100% natural look to men and women in 100+ countries.

    Whether you are looking for a curly full lace wig, full lace human hair wigs for Caucasians or for wigs for black women, Lordhair women's full lace wig caps are breathable, long-lasting, and comfortable. Real human hair, world-class product quality, fast shipping, and unmatched support are the reasons why our collection of hair systems experiences a huge demand. No wonder, we have become a global name!

    Check out our extensive range of toupee hair replacement systems to discover unique products for hair recovery and styling. Email us at support@lordhair.com to discuss your hair goals and we will guide you with hair system selection, repair, maintenance, and styling!


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