About Us

Let us introduce ourselves! We are a manufacturer, supplier and global online retailer of hyper-realistic hair systems, hairpieces, toupees, wigs, and integration solutions but we much more than that.


Who we are


Lordhair is a dedicated and global team of hair professionals working every day to evolve risk-free hair loss solutions while using modern technology. Our first hair system factory was established in 2006 and since then, we have catered to hundreds of thousands of customers with our growing range of high-quality hair systems, toupees, hairpieces, and wigs. We help people of all ages fight both temporary and permanent hair loss with our modern hair replacement systems. Have a look at what one of our customers has to say about us.  



What do we do?


As a leading hairpiece manufacturer and supplier, we make exclusive designs and the highest quality custom products for our global base of customers. Over the years, we have built a flawless reputation for delivering hair replacement products all over the world that is unrivaled in terms of their superior value, quality, and undetectability.


Our hair systems and toupee hairpieces are made from 100% natural human hair by wig designers and hair experts who have been working in the industry for decades. Whether you order a single men’s hairpiece or make a bulk purchase, Lordhair promises you ‘no compromise’.


More value to you


When placing a hair system or hairpiece order with us, you will be purchasing directly from a global hairpiece manufacturer and retailer, cutting out all middlemen. This will not only help you make significant savings but also assure 100% genuine hair systems.


All Lordhair hair system orders are carefully packed and shipped from our factory facility directly to your door. For your peace of mind, production and shipping processes can be tracked at any time. You can feel safe about getting the original product every time you order from us! Our lightning-fast delivery system will not have you waiting long for your order. That’s a promise.


And remember - our after-sale support for both men and women hair systems is unmatched! This has helped us become the first choice for buyers from the U.S., U.K., Australia, and over 100 countries.


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Hair replacement products on offer


As one of the most reputed hair system manufacturers and suppliers, Lordhair has grown its catalog of hair replacement systems, toupees, integration systems, and wigs over the last decade. Below are our most popular types of products.


Men's hair systems


Our hairpieces for men are made from high-quality materials which make them nearly undetectable. They are fully customizable and known for their durability. Our hair replacement systems last long and do not lose their original shape even after repeated wear. Have a look at the hair system options with Lordhair below:


  • Stock Hair Systems   
  • Custom Hair Systems  
  • Lace Hair Systems  
  • Lace Front Hair Systems  
  • Skin Hair Systems  
  • Monofilament Systems  
  • Men's Hair Toupees  


Women's hair systems

From base material to base material color, size, hair color, hair length, density, hair texture, curl and wave, hair direction, gray hair amount, highlights, and hairline appearance, our hair replacement products can be customized to your specifications. This means a truly unique product for a truly unique you! Have a look at the women’s hair system options with Lordhair!


  • Women's Hair Systems  
  • Full Cap Wigs  
  • Hair Integration  
  • Medical Wigs  
  • Stock Wigs for Women



Stock, customized, and savings


For customers who need a hair system within a couple of days, Lordhair offers high-quality stock hairpieces. All stock hairpieces can be shipped out immediately and will reach you in 3-5 working days. The stock pieces are also ideal for customers who want to experience our product quality before they place custom orders.


We offer significant savings to our customers because we are a technology-driven manufacturing and distribution business. Our overhead costs are much lower and this is the main reason we are able to pass on these additional savings to you. Lordhair has become one of the world’s top-rated hairpiece manufacturers and suppliers by creating a new, easy, and affordable way to buy a hair replacement system, and all from the comfort of your own home.


Remember, you can always get individually customized hair replacement systems, toupees, hairpieces and wigs for both men and women. At a small cost, we offer impeccable services to every customer across the globe.


Unmatched support


Lordhair’s customer service team is experienced and professional. Be it verbal or written, we are fluent in English and guarantee that you will not experience any communication issues with us. We welcome customers from all over the world to experience our top-quality hair replacement systems and hairpieces for men and women.


Enjoy shopping at Lordhair.com and do send us your feedback regarding our products and after-sale services. Follow us on social media for the latest discounts, hair care tips, and much more.

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