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    How to Attach Skin Hair Systems

    Step 1
    Prepare the
    new system
    ● Cut the base down to your size.
    ● Cut off the excess lace along the very front of the hairline.
    ● Wet the hair before cutting the excess lace. This makes it easier to avoid cutting the hair. If you do accidentally cut the hair, then shorter pieces of hair will hang down over the front hairline making it look unnatural.
    ● Clean and dry the system.
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    We recommend that you apply a layer of scalp protector to your skin to help protect it and encourage adhesion with the tape.

    Step 2
    Prepare your scalp
    ● Remove your old system by first spraying remover around the edge of the old system. Start removing from the back to make it less painful.
    ● Wipe the adhesive/tape residue from your head with a wet towel or cloth. Use remover if needed.
    ● Shampoo your head at least twice to make sure it is thoroughly clean.
    Fully dry your scalp. If possible use a hair dryer to remove any excess moisture.

    ● Shave any hair or stubble from the bonding area.
    ● Thoroughly clean the bonding area with an alcohol-based cleanser and some cotton wool
    ● Use an eyebrow pencil to mark a few dots on your scalp along the edge of the system.Mark them four finger-widths above your eyebrows to give yourself a realistic-looking front hairline.
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    Step 3
    Apply adhesive
    and Attach
    ● Brush a very thin, even layer of adhesive on your scalp up to the dots but do not cover the dots.
    ● Allow the adhesive to dry before brushing on a second layer if needed. We strongly recommended that you do not apply more than three coats. A hair dryer will speed up the drying time of each coat. Remember to use it on a low heat setting.
    ● Carefully wipe off the dots on your head.
    ● Make sure the adhesive is completely dry before applying your new hair system.

    ● Gently position the system over the adhesive starting from the very front of your hairline. Make sure you hold the hair so it does not touch the glue.
    ● When applying your hair system, stretch it out a little bit to make sure there are no bubbles.
    ● Once you are satisfied with the positioning of your hair system, use the flat edge of a comb to firmly press the unit on the scalp for one minute.
    ● Keep your system dry and perspiration-free for 24 hours after attachment.
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    Removing Tips

    Spray remover all around the perimeter. Wait a couple of minutes for the tape to loosen.
    Gently lift the base away from your scalp. In order to avoid damaging your front hairline, we always recommend removing your hair system from the back to the front. Shampoo your head.

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    Maintenance Tips

    ● We recommend using tape to attach this hair system.

    ● We recommend using a leave-in conditioner. Do not apply conditioner to the base.

    ● You can wear the system whilst sleeping, showering or swimming etc. It is designed for daily use.

    ● Wash and clean the base at least once every two weeks.

    ● Do not forcefully pull or comb the hair when it is wet.

    ● If you need to dye your hair, please be careful to make sure the dye does not come into contact with the base otherwise you will also end up dying the base..

    Worldwide Free

    We have partnered with internationally trusted logistic service providers such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS meaning we ship to over 200 countries around the world.

    30-Day Money Back

    Every hair system comes with a 30-day guarantee for any manufacturing mistakes or quality defects.

    Human Hair

    This hair system is made of full lace with 100% human hair. The quality of the hair is guaranteed.