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    Women's Hair System Styling Options: Christmas Tree Hair

    Given we are well and truly in the middle of the festive season, I’m sure you will have your fair share of social events to attend. For the women in particular among you, how to wear your hair though? If you are new to the world of women’s hair systems, you may have your doubts about what styling options are available to you. Rest assured that you can have just as many options as you would have with your own hair.


    Therefore, you may wear a hair system but you needn’t feel excluded from the latest fashion trends doing the rounds on social media. Hair is very much at the forefront of this or to be precise, Christmas tree hair. That’s right, women are turning their hair into fully-decorated Christmas trees. To achieve this you will have to, unsurprisingly, wear your hair up, so this look would be more suitable for people who wear our more natural-looking hair systems such as our lace front ones.


     Christmas Tree Hair


    Creating Christmas tree hair is actually a rather simple process as you can discover below. It just requires the following few steps.


     1.  Find a plastic bottle appropriate to the length of your hair. If you have long, flowing hair of around 24” on your hair system then try a 2l bottle. Smaller bottles can be used with shorter hair but you’ll want your hair to be longer than shoulder length to get the best out of this look. A cone could also work.

    2.  Carefully place the bottle in the middle of your head. (If keeping the bottle in place proves problematic, you may want to fill the bottle slightly to weigh it down. You could also glue it to an old hairband whilst being careful to make sure the glue is dry before wearing it to avoid any sticky mishaps or make holes in the bottle and use ties to secure the hairband.)

    3.  Pull your hair up to cover the whole of the bottle. (If you used a hairband you can tilt your head forwards and let your hair fall down over the bottle.) Tie the top of your hair and use hair spray to keep it in place. Now, we wouldn’t recommend regular use of hair spray on your hair system but for a one-off occasion, you’re not going to do lasting damage.

    4.  Decorate your tree any way you please. Tinsel, ribbons (which can also serve as an additional way to tie your hair), lights (ones with a battery back could be hidden away down the back of your top), baubles, bells, candy canes. Whatever you fancy really. Be creative. The more over-the-top the better!

     Christmas Tree Hair


    And there you have it! Christmas tree hair. We’re not a salon so there are other people more qualified than us to tell you exactly what range of styling options are open to you. That said, we are happy to give you general advice on how to wear your hair and have plenty of information on our website about how to get the best out of your hair system. So just get in touch if you do have any questions and in the meantime, enjoy those parties!