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    Which Hair Dye Does Not Cause Hair Loss? Safest Hair Color List

    Note: This blog on “hair dyes that don’t cause hair loss” was last updated on December 19, 2022 to include bonus hair color recommendations for 2023. Happy reading! 

    Hair dying (also known as coloring) is a common practice nowadays. Be it teens, young men, or fashionable women, hair dyeing is practiced by everyone to hide gray hair, try unique looks, or experiment with styling. However, hair dye isn’t always a good idea for hair health.

    That’s why Lordhair – a global toupee and wig brand – decided to create a quick knowledge resource to share the best hair dyes and colors that don’t cause hair loss or thinning. Read on to discover the best hair dyes recommended by top hair experts and dermatologists in 2023!

    Safest hair dye


    Which Hair Dyes Don't Cause Hair Loss?

    Below are the safest hair dyes to dodge hair loss and damage in the long run: 


    L’Oréal Paris

    One of the safest hair dye brands available in the market, L’Oréal Paris brings a vast range of hair colors that are ammonia-free and are embedded with pro-keratin, which helps in strengthening hair strands.

    Excellence Creme hair color by L'Oréal Paris is the hottest-selling hair dye of 2023 that guarantees natural coverage and volume without hair damage. Definitely one of the safest hair dyes out there to avoid hair thinning and damage.


    Garnier Olia

    Unlike other hair dyes, Garnier Olia hair dye is powered by a 60% oil blend formula that gives you vivid color results and 100% grey coverage. In addition to being ammonia-free, this no-dripping hair dye does not cause any hair loss.

    The availability of this safe hair dye in different shades of black and brown makes it a perfect pick for everyone to check hair thinning or hair fall.


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    Revlon is one of the safest hair dye brands in the USA that gives silky texture to your hair within a few minutes. Its 3D color gel technology delivers multi-tonal color from the roots to the top boosting your hair dimension. The best part is that Revlon Color Silk is ammonia-free and does not damage the hair.

    Available in 40 different shades, Revlon also brings a ‘silk-protein after color’ conditioner to protect the newly colored hair from damage.



    Clairol is a semi-permanent hair color brand that is ammonia-free and enhances the natural color of your hair. Created with 80% vegan ingredients, Clairol boosts the hair shine and enhances hair volume. This safe hair dye brand also has coconut and aloe vera in its drip creme formula, making it gentle to all types of hair textures.

    A recent survey also discovered that 80% of the testers felt this hair coloring brand brings a luminous sheen to the hair.

    Safe hair dye for hair thinning




    Another safe hair dye brand for men and women to try in 2023. EarthDye colors, conditions, and restores hair health all at the same time. It is 100% hypoallergenic and contains zero chemicals. One dye packet of EarthDye comprises enough content for 20-30 root touch-ups. Besides scalp hair, men can also use it on eyebrows and beard. 

    Have you lost a lot of hair? Try these men’s human hair wigs or these men’s hairpieces for quickest recovery.

    Dye Hair Without Damage with Lordhair

    Above are the safest hair dye brands available in the market that does not cause hair loss. Hair is sensitive and responds to dietary or hormonal imbalances quickly. The same could trigger hair damage and thinning in the long run.

    In case extreme thinning and damage have already set in, recovery is almost impossible with topical solutions and off-the-counter drugs.

    For individuals with an advanced stage of hair loss, we suggest using a non-surgical hair replacement system for recovery. Lordhair offers hair systems (also known as hairpieces, male hair units, toupees, and wigs) that will provide you with a full head of hair almost instantly. Tens of thousands of men and women have used our non surgical hair recovery solutions to recover from a wide range of hair loss conditions including alopecia, hereditary hair loss, and medical hair loss. 

    Designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and natural-looking, our hair systems come with a 30-day guarantee and free shipping. Meaning, there are zero risks associated with your hair system purchase! Start shopping hair wigs for women and hairpieces for men today.

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