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    Hair System Tangling: How to Avoid It and What to Do About It


    So, your hair system is all tangled. What are you going to do? First of all, don’t fret. Hair tangling is perfectly normal and something you may have to deal with when it comes to maintaining your hair system. At Lordhair, we use real human hair (although synthetic hair is an option) and real human hair tangles.

    However, we have the solution for you in our hair detangling guide below and we’re also going to share what you can do to avoid hair tangling in your hair system in the first place. After all, we want you to get the most out of your hair system and for you to be able to wear it as long as possible. We also want to empower you so you can become truly independent when it comes to wearing and maintaining your hair systems.

    So, without further ado, let’s teach you how to avoid hair tangling and what you can do to detangle your hair.


    Why Does Hair System Hair Tangle?

    As we stated earlier, we use real human hair so your hair may well tangle as a result. There are typically three reasons why your hair might tangle.


    Incorrect washing

    You need to wash the hair of your hair system in a delicate way. You can’t vigorously wash your hair with your hands the way you might with your own hair. The hair should also be lightly brushed with your hand in the direction of the hair with soft soap.

    Also, note that all glue or tape should be properly removed before washing as tangling can arise if the residue gets into the hair system.

    We’ll go into much greater detail about you can best wash your hair later.


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    Incorrect brushing

    Small tangles will become big tangles if not dealt with or if brushed with too small a comb. Lordhair recommends that you use a large wide-toothed comb or soft 100% boar bristle brush to comb/brush your hair replacement system. By doing this, you will be removing each tangle one at a time and you will also avoid placing unnecessary tension on the knots (that’s the knots on the base of your hair system – if knots were used to ventilate the hair).

    How often are you combing/brushing your hair? You should be combing/brushing your hair every day to prevent tangles.

    Only brush your hair system when it is completely wet or completely dry. Something in-between will not lead to thorough hair system cleaning

    Brushing/combing should be done carefully to avoid root tension. We recommend that you only brush the hair only from the root upwards.


    Hard water

    The water in mountainous and coastal areas can be hard and hard water can make the hair more prone to tangling.


    Cold/dry air

    Cold and dry hair can make a hair system frizzy and prone to tangling. This is why it’s important to use natural oils (olive oil, for example) as part of your hair care routine. A drop of oil on the tips of the hair will help the hair from drying out and keep it frizz-free which will mean the hair will be easier to untangle.


    Factory fault

    The final reason could be nothing to do with you at all. We take the utmost care in the production of our hair systems; however, the cause of your tangling could be a factory issue. Allow us to explain.

    During the processing of the hair, the cuticles are removed before the hair is knotted to the base in order to make the hair smooth and manageable. If the cuticle removal process is not done adequately then there may be issues with hair tangling further down the line. That said, it is very unlikely that the cuticles will not have been removed considering the hair is submerged in a cuticle-removing solution.

    We would be able to diagnose if this was the issue by careful examination of the hair. We’ll explain more about what to do if you wanted to send your hair system back to us for diagnosis at the end of this article.


    What Can I Do About Tangled Hair?

    We hope the above tips will help you avoid hair tangling in the future

    Also, look to incorporate these three tips into your hair care routine:


    • Use a detangling spray after towel-drying your hair and before styling
    • Consider using a Tangle Teezer to brush your hair
    • Do a deep condition once a week (that means condition the hair for 15 minutes)


    All that being said, it may be that you have inadvertently allowed your hair to get into a rather tangled mess.

    However, don’t worry as we have just the guide for you to remove tangles from your hair system. What you’re going to need to do is a deep and thorough shampoo and condition of the hair system. 


    How to shampoo and condition your hair system to remove tangles




    Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to shampoo and condition your hair system to remove tangles:


    #1 Combing

    • Use a comb to gently comb out knots from the root
    • Comb gently from top to bottom
    • This process will take about 20 to 30 minutes but how long will depend on your hair system


    #2 Condition

    • Use the comb brushing from root to tip and evenly apply conditioner
    • This process will take about 10 minutes
    • Do not let the hair system get wet before applying the hair
    • Let stand for 10 minutes


    #3 Washing out

    • Rinse out the conditioner in clean, warm water
    • Repeat the process one or two times (don’t rub vigorously and rinse along the direction of the hair)
    • Turn the hair system upside down and rinse it with clean water
    • Apply the conditioner evenly along the direction of the hair
    • Comb the hair system downwards and evenly in the hair direction from root to top
    • Rinse with clean water and prepare to blow dry


    #4 Blow drying and styling

    • Squeeze the moisture out of the hair system with a towel
    • Gently comb the hair system with a wide-tooth comb
    • Use a hair dryer to set the shape – do not use it on the highest setting


    Also, check out this customer’s hair care routine to tackle matted hair


    What Do I Do If I Still Can’t Untangle the Hair?

    Try again with conditioner. Do a deep condition which as we said, means allowing your hair system to soak in conditioner for 15 minutes.

    Hopefully, that will work but if you’re still at a loss then our customer service team will do their best to help you.


    What we will need from you:


    Photos of your hair system

    Clear and high-quality images that show the exact tangling issue. Photos of both sides of the hair and the base will be helpful.


    Your hair system cleaning routine

    Please describe the process in as much detail as possible. For example, what kind of brush/comb do you use?

    What to Do About Tangled Hair: Final Thoughts

    First of all, remember that prevention is your best bet when it comes to hair system tangling. So, think about your hair system routine. Think about how you wash your hair and how you brush it, for example. It may be that you need to change your habits and hair system routine. If your hair is already tangled then a thorough shampoo and condition should do the trick. Being familiar with the best habits to avoid hair tangling should help prevent any future tangling.

    However, if you’re still facing an issue with hair tangling then we’re here to help so please just get in touch directly with your customer service rep or email us (with photos, please) at support@lordhair.com. Or, to speak with fellow hair system wearers, why not post in our Facebook group