What to Do About Customer No-Shows for Salons and Barbers


What to Do About Customer No-Shows for Salons and Barbers

Don't let money lost from client no-shows add up - how to avoid losses.


If you are a small salon, no-shows can have a massive impact on your yearly earnings. Use these tips to avoid or mitigate potential losses from no-shows.


Ask clients to cancel in time

Ask clients to let you know X days in advance if they want to cancel, so you can give the spot to another client in time.


Remind them

Set up auto-reminders to your clients' email inbox the day before the appointment. Better yet, remind them via text too!



Require a deposit

Clients who have already parted with a non-recoverable deposit will be less likely to bail out. It can also help mitigate a loss.


Regular no-showers?

Keep a record of your no-show clients. If they are repeat offenders, you may want to ask them to pay in full or pay a 100% deposit before their appointment.


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