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    The Difference between Hair Systems, Wigs and Toupees

    Hair systems, wigs, toupees, or even hairpieces- they’re all the same thing aren’t they? Well, they are and they aren’t. Confused? Well, let us try and explain for you.


    The truth is they often all overlap. A hairpiece (or hair piece) is the most general term as it can be used to talk about any artificial covering of hair applied to the head. Hair extensions, clip-in bangs or fringes, and wigs are all examples of hairpieces.


    Today when searching for the best way to cover your head, you are likely to come across the term, hair system or hair replacement system. This is the all-encompassing name that the hair industry is now leaning towards to refer to hair, be it human or synthetic, attached to some kind of base that is usually worn by a person to mask partial or full hair loss. Wigs and toupees (also written as toupée) are therefore types of hair systems.


    Wigs are designed to sit on top of a bald head or on existing hair and have been around since ancient times. It is wigs that you will see stocked in your local costume shop or inside a British courtroom. Nowadays, the wig has become somewhat of a female beauty accessory- think Katy Perry or Rihanna.


    Toupees are typically associated with men and are worn to mask hair loss. The term however seems a little outdated and is slipping out of everyday language as it often conjures up negative connotations. The hair replacement industry has come a long way since the days when the following was the norm:


    The advent of technology has changed the industry forever and hair systems are now almost undetectable. Today’s hair systems are usually attached by glue or tape to a shaven scalp meaning they can be worn continuously in contrast to traditional wigs that can simply rest on top of existing hair. It is perhaps for this reason that the industry prefers the more modern term, hair system and why most people, men in particular, would refer to their hairpiece as a hair system rather than a wig or toupee.


    Lordhair Men's Hair Systems


    So in short, we prefer to say hair systems when talking about pieces attached to a scalp for long-term, continuous use and wigs for pieces that sit on a head on a more temporary basis.


    Yet, whatever it is that you’re looking for to take pride of place on your head, we have it here for you at Lordhair so go ahead and check out our male and female hair systems. If you’re still after some further clarification then don’t hesitate to contact us on our website, through our social media pages or at support@lordhair.com.


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