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In order to meet our customers’ needs, we sel different kinds of tapes from Walker Tape Company. Now customers who order hair replacement systems from us do not need to look elsewhere to buy tape. We aim to provide convenience for our customers, so the prices are are good value.


Ultra Hold Tape Series

Ultra Hold Tape is the tackiest, most flexible and long lasting tape among the Walker tapes. It is comparable to Super Tape and Extenda Bond. We have 1 inch wide 12 yards, 3/4 inch wide 12 yards and 1 inch wide 3 yards Ultra Hold Tape rolls in stock. We also have A, C & CC Contour Ultra Hold Tapes 36pc/bag and Mini Strips Ultra Hold Tapes 72pc/bag in stock, which are very convenient to use.


No-Shine Bonding Tape Series

No-Shine Bonding Tape is well known for its dull finish, and is virtually invisible through the unit. Depending on the temperature, humidity and body oils, they can last up to 5 weeks. 1 inch wide 12 yards and 3/4 inch 12 yards tape rolls, and A, C & CC Contour Non-Shine Tapes 36pc/bag are in stock. You can use them on the front hairline, the sides, the back, wherever you need a strong consistent hold.


Lace Front Support Tape Series

Blue Lace Front Support Tape has already become one of our most popular tapes. Now we have 1 inch wide 12 yards, 3/4 inch wide 12 yards, 1 inch wide 3 yards, 3/4 inch wide 3 yards and 1/2 inch wide 3 yards Lace Front Support Tapes in stock. Of course, A, C & CC Contour Lace Front Support Tape 36pc/bag are available as well.


3M Clear Tape Series

3M Clear Tape is the star product for daily wear. Known for being gentle to skin and hypo-allergenic, it is the best choice for users who have sensitive skin. The liner and backing are white, but the actual tape is clear. 1 inch wide 12 yards and 3/4 inch wide 12 yards 3M Clear Tapes rolls along with A, C & CC Contour Clear Tapes 36 pc/bag are in stock now.



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