Mono, the abbreviation of monofilament, has been widely used on toupees. Mono does not mean only one type of material, but several types of materials. Let’s check out the most common types of mono used on toupees.


Fine Welded Mono

Fine welded mono looks like lace but is stiffer and more durable. It’s breathable and undetectable. The density for a fine welded mono base can reach heavy. With proper care, a fine welded mono toupee can last 6 months.


Fine Mono

Fine mono is the most classic mono material, breathable with very tiny holes. It’s finer than fine welded mono. Fine mono with PU perimeter base is a very classic design, which is breathable and can last for over 6 months.


Super Fine Mono

Super fine mono is finer than fine mono and very close to silk mono.  Hair can be fixed by a single split knot and can be used on an injected lace hair system to make the hair look like its growing from the scalp. Super fine mono can also last for over 6 months with proper care.


Silk Mono

Silk mono is the finest among all the types of mono. Just like its name, it looks like silk, sleek and exquisite. It helps imitates real human hair and is often used on the top of an injected lace hair system. Silk mono is breathable and realistic and can bear medium density.


Below are pictures of the four types of mono for comparison.



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