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    Typical Hair Integration Systems from Lordhair

    Hair loss can be a distressing problem, especially for women. Some loosen all their hair, while others don't. If they don’t want to wear a full wig, they have to shave the remaining hair off to fix a typical hairpiece. In recent years, hair integration systems have become more and more popular among ladies who have thinning hair. It’s easily fixed and most of them don’t require thinning hair to be shaved off. Here are several typical types of hair integrations offered at Lordhair.


    PE Line with Skin Perimeter

    Polyester line is also called PE line. PE line with skin perimeter integration is the most popular integration at Lordhair. The holes of the PE line can be bigger or smaller per the customer’s needs, such as 1/4”x1/4”, 1/2”x1/2”, 1”x1”, etc. Clips can be sewn on the skin perimeter to fix the integration, or braid your in to fix the integration on your head. Small holes can be made on the skin perimeter for you to pull out your hair from them and braid your hair with the hair on the integration.


    Hand-Knit PE Line

    Hand-knit polyester line is much stronger than normal PE line, because it is knitted with several strands of normal PE line and the line is thicker. The holes of hand-knit PE line integration are usually bigger than normal PE line integration. You can braid your own hair with the hair of the integration, or sew some clips along the perimeter to fix the integration.


    PE Line with Parting

    To make the parting line look more natural, we can add a thin skin or mono parting to PE line integrations, middle parting, left parting or right parting. Don’t worry the PE line will be undetectable when you part your hair.


    PE Line with Mono Top or Front

    With the mono top, you can part the hair anywhere on your head. If you want the front to look more natural, a mono front is a good option. Mono imitates your scalp, but is strong enough to last a long time.


    PE line is very strong. It can last at least one year. With proper care, it can last two years or more. Ladies who have thinning hair can try an integration to add volume to hair helping them feel more confident.

    To find more hair integration systems, please click https://www.lordhair.com/womens-hair-replacement-systems/integration-wigs-women.html


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